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Slightly thicker than the original iPhone 6, this Android copy Smartphone Star Kingelon T6 has everything to please. Featuring a quadcore processor, ability to get two sim cards, one sd card, this review will show you a great copy smartphone of good quality. For people on a tight budget, it is the perfect device. For more information, feel free to leave a comment.
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15 Comments on Review of the iPhone6 copy Star Kingelon T6: Test, Benchmark, and Specifications – ElectroFame

  1. Thank you for the detailed review video.  After watching your video, I bought this phone, and as you mentioned it's a pretty wonderful phone at great price.  But there was a serious problem with battery drain.  For some reason, the phone would not go into deep sleep and cpu continue to run at 1Ghz even when screen was turned off.  As a result, battery would completely drain in few hours even when phone was not being used.  I want to share my solution with other people who have this problem – the solution in my case was found by trial and error.  It appears that phone must be shut down with airplane mode on AND do not disturb mode on..  When it's turned back on, it will deep sleep automatically, even after airplane mode is turned off.  Overall, a pretty great product, and blows apple iphone 6 out of water in price/value.  One question I have is your video shows android UI.  The phone I got has ios skinned UI.  Is there a way to switch back and forth from IOS ui to android UI?  (like goophone which has some code which allows for this).  

  2. Hello +ElectroFame , how much do you think the 2000mah battery will last?
    Let's say, for example, that i will have the data connection enabled all day long (3G) and apart this a normal use of the cellphone resource (just some phonecalls..texting..). Will it last, at least, about 24hours?
    Can you suggest me some other compatible and more capable batteries for this cellphone?
    Great review by the way, thank you very much for your work! 

  3. Hello +Rachael Rabbitt , This phone was actually very surprising because at first we thought wow cool a new clone and this one looks good with the opening backcover, two sim cards, sd card, and very fast performances when started. For the price, I'd say it is indeed a real bargain. Regarding the photos, I do not remember if I tested it on this video but otherwise I invite you to check our German which probably has tests about the camera.
    Let us know if you have any additional question.

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