Review of PRIV Key Features

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PRIV is the world’s first BlackBerry secure smartphone powered by Android. It combines the privacy and productivity you’ve come to expect from BlackBerry with the full Android app ecosystem.

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  1. No matter what they put inside the new blackberry , Steve Jobs was so right about the future of Blackberry. They've lost the race, I mean seriously who would buy an expensive device with plastic keyboard. S7 is far better than this in every perspective.

  2. BlackBerry has a build quality better than IPhone. Getting it's leg into android is quiet intelligent step for business. But facing the competitors like iPhone and Samsung I think blackberry is cannot reach the consumers throat till it raise the generation of the phone and lower it's price till blackberry make it's name again. What's the use of taking BB 2 GBs ram and 16/32 inbuilt in 40-50k when you get 3/4 GBs ram with 64/128 GBs of space with same android at same rate. BlackBerry is the company, if they go 2 steps forward, giving future generation mobile enhancing features like figure print scanner, more ram and space, 16 bit processor, wireless charging, water proof body, with same buildup quality and higher resolution display and better camera quality taking in note the future upcoming phones, I won't mind paying bit more. But I will surely not prefer buying PRIV.

  3. I,be had my BlackBerry Priv since there launch 11/05 and it's had some bug's in it. But blackberry has been releasing monthly software updates just as they promised and the device has gotten a hole lot better. can't wait for marshmallow 6.0 which should be available in a few weeks. The BlackBerry Priv stands along.Job Well Done.

  4. I am thinking about getting us, but im scared. My last blackberry device was the Torch and it was sooooooo bad. It was slow, the keyboard squeaked and it had battery issues. I don't know what to do.

    I have the Iphone 6S Plus at the moment. Any suggestions?

  5. saya sangat menyukai produk dari blackberry… sekarang saja saya masim menggunakan bb torch 2. karena berguna buat pekerjaan saya sehari hari. ada keinginan untuk menggunakan bb priv. tetapi mengapa performance bb priv lemah sekali. dari segi harga juga tidak murah. tetapi wajar karena bentuk perangkatnya yg bagus dan bermutu. tetapi jika kita membandingkan dengan iphone… saya masih memilih iphone 6s untuk menjadi perangkat pilihan saya.

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