Review: Apple iPhone 6s (64GB, Gold)

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Note: I have a written review that is a little more technical-focused than this video. If you fancy that, go ahead and check it out after watching:
Here ya go, my review of the iPhone 6s.

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  1. Iphone 6s was amazing when i first bought it. i had to return it because 16gb actually turns out to be 11gb which is like having 5 big game downloads.. DO NOT get the 16gb iphone 6s.. upgrade to 64gb or higher

  2. I have the 6 s plus Rose Gold 64 gig. Yeah the unlocking is amazingly fast i just press down on the home button boom simultaneously unlocks like a charm.Also love the fact that it has optical image stability unlike the 6 s. Also i notice it has longer battery life when not in use like when i get off of work i still have 80% left.

  3. How much songs can you have on this thing? because I'm a music head and I have over 1,345 songs on my note 3. While I'm still able to have a lot of applications like fb, instragram, Snapchat, Netflix and stuff like that. Would the 64 GB hold all of that without me having to delete anything. Especially when it comes to pictures, or should I just give in and get the note 5??

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