Review Android Lollipop 5.0 on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Tips & Tricks, Fixing Bugs

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Presenting Android Lollipop 5.0 on Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Please don’t hate us for the bugs of the 5.0; just trying to HELP. 🙂 The solution is not 100 % bug free, but using the format of the partition you will obtain a clean android system; instaling and converting the old applications from KITKAT 4.4.2 to 5.0 it’s like you are using the windows 7 drivers on windows 8 ! It will crash !!! So backuping, reinstalling all the applications, involves a lot of work but you will see improvements:
– 5.0 will load faster;
– WIFI will not crash anymore (problems of weak signal or sometimes conectivity will remain);
– Drain of battery unfortunately will remain sometimes;
– Some applications will not crash and all the applications it will load faster;
– General presentation and design;
– Fixing some battery drain problems;
– Making BACKUP and installing a clean android operation system;
– ADDing the missing buttons MUTE/DATA CONECTION;

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24 Comments on Review Android Lollipop 5.0 on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Tips & Tricks, Fixing Bugs

  1. i want to hide the notification alert when i use other application
    example :- i got a message on what's app and a notification comes on my screen on the top when i am using other application… so i want to stop that notification to pop up on my screen….. how to do it ? please help

  2. I just instantly induced factory reset after the update was installed, and almost all the problems reported here were fixed. I know it sucks, but when push comes to shove…

  3. i upgraded my note 3 to lollipop and now some of the features are no more in my note 3 please tell me is this obvious that these features are in jellybean version only help me

  4. hi, thanks for the nice vedio. however, I have problem. My scrapbook used to work finely after upgrading to lollipop, but suddenly it crashed and now refuses to open up 🙁 and I kinda need the info stored in it. any suggestions, please?

  5. Hi, did anyone experience when talking to someone on the phone and the screen stays on so you touch buttons on the screen with your ear and then the oposit when you pull the phone away from your head the screen stays black, holy shit did this piss me off! not to mention other phone breaking bugs. I complained so much to Samsung they took the phone and replaced the mobo and flashed it back to kitkat. The people at Samsung said "nope can't be done can't be done" but finally got someone that new what he was talking about and got it sorted. Officially back on kitkat now and works perfect.

  6. i upgraded to lollipop from note 3 and my battery life is really good. i think some game apps were crashing but i havent really noticed a lot of it. maybe just a regular crash. but i actually like the battery life i get. it seems to lag just a tiny bit but it doesnt bother me. still like my phone.

  7. The best metod to save baterry is ……turn of the phone put it away and after 1 mouth turn it on. This is the best method recomand by Samsung for the crappy lollipop, and if you don't like this throw the note 3 and buy me new generation of Samsung, in case you thing Samsung is the best

  8. I upgraded my N9005 to lollipop a week ago and i don't have any of the bugs that you presented in your video.I think i'm just lucky. Can you run an Antutu test and post the result? Thanks

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