Remember These Wonderful Features of Facebook You Could Use Anytime

Remember These Wonderful Features of Facebook You Could Use Anytime

While many of us are constantly spending prolong hours on Facebook by scrolling down the newsfeed, or chatting with friends available online or even playing the free games Facebook has to offer. However, very few of us are aware of these wonderful features of Facebook that can turn the user experience more interactive and fun.

Look for friends living in the same area as yours:

When you are in an entirely new location and want to find out if there’s any friend of yours living close-by, the Facebook app will carry out this task for you. The only downside of this is that, you also need to keep your “track location” switched on so that data can be exchanged constantly.


Seek for attractive spots:

With the same Facebook app you can use the “Nearby Places” feature for locating exclusive restaurants, coffee shops, night clubs and many more. What’s the point in downloading and running an entirely different application when you could do everything using the Facebook app.


You can save interesting links for later:

While surfing, you may come across various types of posts, both interesting and not so interesting. For those interesting posts you can save them for a later read by clicking the downward arrow on the upper right corner of any post for saving a specific link.


Find out what’s trending:

Facebook launches trends and other topics based on the level of popularity and “reactions” from users all around the world. You can view all the latest trending topics in the upper right corner of the “Newsfeed” section, whereas, in the facebook app you need to manually open the trending section inside.


Viewing the Activity log:

By clicking the “Activity log” you will be able to find out everything you have carried out so far while surfing on facebook. Good thing is, in this way you can also figure out if anybody tried to fiddle with your personal account without your knowledge.


Profile pic emoticon:

Emoticons are the best way for expressing thoughts when finding the right and suitable words becomes difficult. For turning matters more interesting, you can also use someone else’s profile picture as an emoticon. In order to do this, you simply need to copy the link located in the URL of an individual profile and input it in the comment section like [[profile id]] and press “Enter.”


Write your name according to the format in the picture.

Next time, whenever you’re surfing, remember these wonderful features of facebook that will definitely guarantee you greater productivity and fun.


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