Redmi Note 4g Marshmallow ROM Android 6.0.1! [REVIEW]

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Hey guys, A week ago, I made a video regarding the installation of the CM13 Android Marshmallow ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4g. Here is a link to that particular video-

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And here is a ‘Sequel’ of that particular video telling you the pros and cons of the ROM running right on my device!

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36 Comments on Redmi Note 4g Marshmallow ROM Android 6.0.1! [REVIEW]

  1. Facebook and messenger problem solve Use file explorer with root access!
    just rename the to
    Path: [ data/data/com.facebook.katana/lib-xzs/ ]

  2. But i already installed this ROM, Now even snapchat is not working. Thats like the most important thing for me. Its just crashing. Plaese Help me bro. HAving great hopes from you.

  3. Bro… I did a very huge mistake… I directly updated the marshmallow custom rom…. without even wiping the data and… and that too using the stock recovery…. And now.. my phone has fallen into the marshmallow boot loop
    …….. :'( what shall I do?……. Now I'm wiping the data whole data…. and i wanna fastboot it and flash the stock rom again…… Is it possible?

  4. Please upload video iam totally confused how to install gapps I have downloaded the file open gapps 6.0 arm stock file please upload video how to install file its size is approx 500mb

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