Redmi Note 4g Marshmallow ROM Android 6.0.1! [How to Install]

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CM13 is already available for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4g! There was a time when the Redmi Note 4g users suffered to find a stable ROM for their device, and now, we have the Android 6.0 Marshmallow ROM already available for it! In this video, I’ll be showing you how you can get the awesome Android Marshmallow experience on your Redmi Note 4g!

Link 1: CM13 ROM file:

Link 2: Android M Gapps:

Here, in the platform, select ARM, then, in Gapps version, select 6.0 (marshmallow) and in the next column, select stock (Recommended)

Link 3: TWRP Recovery: (Required…

34 Comments on Redmi Note 4g Marshmallow ROM Android 6.0.1! [How to Install]

  1. Useless idiot cant even put up a good video. Chutiya couldnt manage to install gapps and has made my phone crash. Youre good for nothing asshole. Stop spamming youtube with your bullshit.

  2. hey there is a big bug in mt phone i have flashed philz recovery last year so it was looking an alian invasion or an old tv after flashing philz recovery. but flaahed succesfully with twrp recovery. plz help.

  3. Hi Shubham. Thanks for this tutorial. Couple of questions, if you could answer?

    1. Can you please make a review video this ROM? you know, general things like the UI tour and commonly used features like Camera, Gallery, Internet and FB/Messenger/WhatsApp/Email apps?
    2. Is marshmallow's "move to SD card" feature present in this ROM? i have heard that in MM, you can extend internal memory of phone by using SD card. Please clarify on this.
    3. Is the Doze feature working on this?
    4. How is the Camera quality? Miui is somehow not utilizing the hardware capabilities of Note 4G's camera when it comes to detailing.
    5. Battery performance and heating issues?

    Would be a great help if you could make a review video of this ROM.

  4. yeah. i managed to install the rom. cross dj and all run like a charm. but i have unresponsive touch areas which work fine in miui. seems like a bug. any patch/workaround?

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