Redmi Note 3 vs Le 1S – Speed Test Comparison

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In this video we pit the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Snapdragon 650 3GB RAM variant) against the LeEco / LeTV Le 1S to see which performs better under day to day usage scenarios… opening apps, games, launching the camera, managing memory and so on…

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38 Comments on Redmi Note 3 vs Le 1S – Speed Test Comparison

  1. I have used both of these phones and both are awesome but due to the absence of gorilla glass in note 3 and because of some other reasons I would totally recommend a letv le 1s with a power bank rather than a redmi note 3 :)

  2. this test made me confused. RN 3 didn't keep any game thus has to reload but in the same type of video with zuk z1 RN 3 kept both the games in memory. So what's the point which is the true result.

  3. Which variant did you use?
    Xiaomi redmi note 3 32 gb variant has 3gb has better memory management due to greater Ram.
    So, can you do this speed test again with the hugher variant if this wasn't that one?
    Thanks bud.

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