Redmi Note 3 Review With Pros & Cons – Worth Waiting Flash Sales?

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Redmi Note 3 Review With Pros & Cons – Worth Waiting Flash Sales?

My Honest Review on the Mi Redmi Note 3 and whether or not you should buy it if you have a budget under Rs. 15,000. Redmi Note 3 offers great specs and good battery life which most of us are looking these days.

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48 Comments on Redmi Note 3 Review With Pros & Cons – Worth Waiting Flash Sales?

  1. Sir
    I bought redmi note 3-4 days ago.. First two days battery was running superb but from yesterday I am facing drainage problem..
    Every 2nd minute my battery is dropping 1-2%?
    Please help

  2. +AllAboutTechnologies Hey Saurabh ! Can you please tell me how is the memory management on this device after the recent software updates. How many apps can you open without any issue. ???

  3. led notification light not working when whatapp or call comes even though i had turned on all light indicators from settings menu..please help me out..

  4. i can see the reviews in gadgets about mi note 3 . . But the software is causing some troubles. Within 4 days of use the
    phone has already rebooted itself 3 times. The fingerprint sensor will
    sometimes seize to work. The notification sound will play even when you
    inside an application. The call volume sometimes cannot be adjusted , plz tell me its better r not

  5. some people said they are facing Network issues with this phone when using dual sim is this happening to you as well? and the 64gb card hangs after 28 29 gb of storage

  6. Do u knw whn will the 32gb model for this redmi note 3 available in their sale ??
    Does it hav any radiation issues ?
    Nice review clip !!

  7. I don't know why people expect great low light performance from a smartphone which is priced under 12000. Tell me a smartphone priced under 15000 having great low light performance.

  8. So, you really found charging time to be disappointing? Bro, It's a 4000mAh battery. Are you expecting it to get charged in an hour? As for the Quick Charge 2.0/3.0, this phone costs about Rs. 12,000 and offers a lot of things like metal build and fingerprint scanner. You got to make some trades for a budget of less than Rs. 15,000 as no company can give you all the things for such a budget. I am disappointed with your verdict.

  9. @AllAboutTechnologies i want to buy good earphone under 1000 , I was using soundmagic es18s for 1.6yrs ,its best but i lost the headphone ,so can you suggest me a good headphone under 1000 and another question will mi headphones give good performance in non mi products ,i am useing yu yreka ,, pls reply
    thank you

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