Redesigned MacBook Pro and iPhone 7 Rumors

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There have been numerous Apple rumors over the past few weeks. We make sense of them all in a new video.



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24 Comments on Redesigned MacBook Pro and iPhone 7 Rumors

  1. When apples uses their own products and realize that they want to use an SD card or plug in a USB cable, do they say "oh we fucked up?" or do they use it anyway? I wonder if apple employees hate using adapters up the ass to plug in just a standard USB cable? I bet these apple employees still have the old macs and MacBooks with full I/O lol

  2. Personally, as someone who uses a macbook pro in music production, specifically mobile recording for live shows, I do not like really any of the ideas that they say are rumored for the pro line. USB C is not the standard and more than likely it wont be. The reason the pro line has become "stale" is because for those of us that use these laptops professionally, it works perfectly as is. There is nothing wrong with usb a type connections and I certainly do not need a fancy OLED strip instead of function keys because a lot of the software we use in studio or live uses function key shortcuts. Sorry but I will gladly purchase a 2015 2.8 i7 before I even consider this new design.

  3. Once my grandpa said: Your generation relies too much on technology.
    Then I said: No. Your generation relies too much on technology.

    Then I unplugged his life support.

  4. Not particularly looking forward to the new MacBook Pro. Especially if it's going to be thinner, with that cheap thin keyboard. Seems like Apple is trying to cut corners to make more money. Looking forward to usb-c and the new processor. Perhaps, better screen resolution.

  5. I absolutely hate the butterfly keyboard of the Macbook. It has barely any feedback and I hate it because I never know if I typed everything correctly without looking at the screen

  6. Techno buffalo at it again! Read the rumours of the websites and have added to it. No one has mentioned customisable keys in this OLED strip. And KGI did not specify which fourth quarter they will be launched, Apples fourth quarter starts end of June so a WWDC announcement sounds much more plausible plus this year is the 10th anniversary of the MacBook Pro.

  7. Been waiting, waiting, waiting, & waiting for the Macbook Pro refresh. The CPU in the current gen Macbook Pro is so out dated, you literally have to hand-crank them during boot up. Yes, literally.

  8. So for back to school they will be selling those small usless oneport shits? I don't think so. Many people need new laptop now not on fuckin' Christmas, that would be so stupid from Apple.

  9. I have a Macbook pro and i am very happy with it so as long as there aren't going to be to many changes to it I'm not gonna buy the new one. Also smaller and usb c-port? No thank you I need my Mac to get work done if you want a light computer go buy a macbook air or smth. …

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