Reasons to buy the HTC 10 over the Galaxy S7, but not the S7 Edge

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Reasons to buy the HTC 10 over the Galaxy S7, but not he S7 Edge

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25 Comments on Reasons to buy the HTC 10 over the Galaxy S7, but not the S7 Edge

  1. Just wanted to point out, both the S7 and HTC 10 support 2TB of expandable storage. The SDXC standard supports up to 2TB. Samsung advertises that the S7 supports 200GB because that is the highest capacity available at the moment.

  2. Be careful BaneTech, most of the people who watch these types of videos are HTC fanboys.. (and I can freely say this cuz I'm neutral of all phones, just hate seeing people who are so defensive of their own just cuz)

  3. sorry because I am giving bad comment, also you are staying why people should buy this phone. I would only get this kind of video out when I m absolutely sure about something and that could only happens when you have use the actual device. which in this case has not happend. once I am sorry for being harsh but it is what it is, if you haven't used anything then I can you give review or advice about it.

  4. I don't know what's going wrong with HTC the recent years but let me clarify that the quality they maintain is nowhere comparable to others, esp Samsung. whereas Samsung's cheap phones, plastic body(most of them), weird curvy fonts, unreal and exaggerated amoled display, the embarrassed square shaped camera and their freak all touchwiz's icon orientation. I would never pick Samsung till my senses last for that matter?

  5. HTC 10 while charger faster that the s7 0 to 50 in 44 mins HTC 10 0 to 50 30mins. Type C quick charge 3.0 vs quick charge 2.0. UHOH Protection and Boom Sound and 24 bit hi res audio.

  6. I personally would pick the Galaxy s7, It's waterproof, has a much better screen (amoled), and has a better camera. As for design, I would slap a case on both. (at the moment I am sticking with my 2013 Moto X). As for the audio DAC on HTC 10, you are really only going to notice the difference when using high quality sound systems, which you would expect to have a DAC already

  7. Sorry, but I don't think the HTC is even in the same league with the s7. The s7 beats it on so many levels. The only thing HTC has going for it is the external speakers. And who actually listens to their phones speakers on a regular basis? With Bluetooth headphones and so many new small excellent sounding travel speakers, I almost never listen to my phones external speakers. However, for those times when i and others do, there are two apps to make the s7's speakers sound great and a lot louder, one of them is called viper for android, and the other is the duos sound mod app, which actively activates the earpiece speaker, and tunes it to work together with the bottom speaker in stereo. They sound great together and are much louder.
    Another misconception is the htc's so called rugged metal body, which actually damages much easier than advertised. I had a htc 1 before, and after a few drops it looked horrible. however, it would have been way too expensive to do anything about it, so I just had to live with it. And the s7's glass isn't just glass, it's gorilla glass 4. if you think it's delicate take a look at these videos on youtube: and . It's not indestructible, but it's much tougher than you make it sound here. Plus the metal body of the htc heats up like crazy under heavy loads, and is much heavier to hold. It's also a lot more bulky in the hand, even without a case. Nope, clearly the HTC is still on the lower end of the flagship spectrum, although not as bad as the lg with it's ridiculous move to modular components. As for the s7, it is steadily on top right now, and i suspect it will be for quite some time. to make matters worse, the s7 edge is much better than the s7. so…

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