Real Racing 3 Tips and Tricks

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Real Racing 3 Tips and Tricks – I have a youtube for real racing 3 and will be producing some much better quality videos with more detail about several tips and tricks that will be very useful, here is the URL
please give me feedback as to what should be improved and possible ideas for the channel 🙂

Tips and Tricks to help people do better at real racing 3

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  1. I made this comment 4 months ago (when I was probably getting to level 70 and had 10 or 15 gold coins)… Based on your tips I decided to reset the game like 2 months ago (at level 75) and start over. I gotta say that I don't regret a thing. Right now I'm getting to level 50 and have more than 1100 gold coins. I also started to win cars in these events again!!! I got the new Porsche without spending a single gold coin on it. I know that at some point I will have to spend it, but it will be worth it. Thank you again dude!!!

  2. You sir, are a Master… hats off… I only wish I'd seen this a long time ago, cause I'm an upgrade fanatic and still I've been failing at winning the cars in some of the last events (The Ferrari 2014 and the Aston Martin)… I will, from now on, use most of your tips! (I'm at 30% of the game right now)

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