Reactions to Apple’s iPad Pro and iPhone SE event (Apple Byte)

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Apple releases a better iPad Pro just 4 months after the original. Brian’s not happy. Plus, the iPhone SE brings back the 4-inch phone. But its more about business than innovation.

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50 Comments on Reactions to Apple’s iPad Pro and iPhone SE event (Apple Byte)

  1. I enjoy a smaller screen! Apple has always been right when they said it's comfortable to be able to use your phone with one hand. But yes, they're not making great stuff anymore. Sad thing tho, I still prefer it over the rest!

  2. ur dance n song is awsome !!! 4 inch screen n the nipple ?!! yak !!!! very disappointing !!! even i m a iphone 6 thinking change to iphone 6 plus, now u r talking to me 4 inch screen??? n i wish Apple will solve to nipple thing, its ugly !!!

  3. Really becoming bored with "bad apples".. They don't really apply half the time you award them, they usually show how little studying you've done or how little perspective you have on whatever aspect you're reporting on. Eff what you heard, Brian, this show needs to get more sophisticated. At least a little.

  4. Not just this video on apple…but on most of your apple videos, It seems you love/hate apple at the same time!
    Your job must be difficult. "It's like being confused on wanting to date a GIRL OR wanting some guy take you out to dinner and you know what…Tight your skirt up broo.

    Do you really have a iPad Pro?

  5. No offense but Apple went and made a very efficient COO its CEO after Steve Jobs.
    Pros: You make a ton of money diversifying in markets and growing in efficiency coz, well, he's a REALLY efficient guy.
    Cons: Don't expect a visionary. Expect a suit.

    I get it, you can't make another Steve Jobs. But unless Apple make like Google and try to promote/hire some innovators, they're just left with the same leadership team from 5 years ago, whose solutions haven't rocked anybody really. They benefit from efficiency, a powerful brand and amazing marketing.
    CNET put it down a few weeks ago, for perspective: the only problem with Galaxy S7 is that it's not an iPhone. If Apple had come out with that edge screen design, had that camera, had the VR headset, the world would have lost its shit and Apple would have broken 1 Trillion by now.

  6. There is clearly something not right with the iPhone SE in that it doesn't match the overall design of other iPhones Apple is currently selling. There has to be a reason for this. IFixit found that reason, when they pulled one apart. They found that it uses a lot of the same parts as the 5s. This is the real reason for Apple creating a machine that can break down iPhones into their components. Now, when a new model comes out, they can build it out of parts from older phones. Rather than reducing the price of an old phone, they can simply break them down and re-use their components, then sell them as a new product at a much higher price.

  7. 600 mil 5yo PC … of course its sad . Apple is sad those those PC owners are not throwing their money at Apple to get the "latest , greatest , best , most innovative , most powerful , whatever shit Apple use to describe its product" Apple Mac.

  8. Wow even apple bytes started taking micky out of apple… Don't blame em… Those apple events are becoming cringe worthy.. And I'm an apple fan but we can only be drip fed for so long… I look at what other tech companies are doing and I see a big fat satisfying meal!

  9. I used to be so excited about Apple's Keynote events but after the lack of innovation and creativity that they have been selling to consumers I can honestly say I am no longer a fanboy. I'm disappointed in Apple's latest products and feel like they could be so much more.

  10. Tong, I'm disappointed! You glanced over the fact that the base model for the iPhone SE is still at 16 GBs. With all of the features from the 6S, including the ability to record in 4K, I was waiting for you to give that a Bad Apple. But nope, a pointless Hotline Bling parody worthy of just being its own video (which ironically did become one) is what was given. C'mon man…!

  11. They need shit tons of money for that space campus, that shit ain't cheap. One thing Steve jobs did was put customers first, it seems Apple is socking away all upgrades and putting them in there fancy offices. I hate it when corporate people do stupid stuff and think us normal folks are brainless. People can see, hopefully September comes with some serious upgrades. My iPad Air 2 will still be fine for quite some time otherwise. Take that!!!???

  12. I really don't understand how anyone could be disappointed in the iPhone SE. We pretty much knew what it was going to be MONTHS before this keynote, so why is everyone acting all surprised? Because it has the same design as the 5s? Wow what a terrible thing that all existing cases will fit it. Oh, and thanks Bryan, for not even mentioning the price of the SE, which comes in $50 below what they were just selling the 5s at, yet it's a much better phone.

  13. its not something to complain about that That apple made the Iphone SE with the specs of iphone 6s not newer they made it for the people who wanted if you dont like it keep to your self stop complaining on social media IPHONE SE=SPECIAL EDITION

  14. They should really use Bubba Gump to give a breakdown on all the new and old ios devices. "There's the iphone 6s, the iphone 6 plus, the iphone 6, the iphone 6plus, there's the ipad pro 12", the ipad pro 9.7", there's the ipad mini …." Well, you get the idea.

  15. I loved my iPhone but since Nexus phones finally work on Verizon I've bought a Nexus 6P and I've been very pleased with it so far. Android has matured tremendously in the last few years and if Apple doesn't get back to innovating they could be left in the dust..

  16. Every single episode, all you do is ironically hate the company for almost EVERY. SINGLE. THING. they announce or unveil or update and it's getting so SO boring now. I love Apple for literally every single thing they do as THEY THINK about WHY they're doing what they do. They have already planned, designed and are in testing the next 3 generations of iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad and some products and services we wont hear about for years yet and they know what they're doing otherwise they wouldn't be leading the market and industry in many many places! and please, nobody say anything negative towards this as yes, I am an iFag, yes, I know every Apple insult under the sun… whatever.. I love them, who… the hell…cares? hahah

    I'm just sick of people just slaying apple for every inch of their company and every mm of every product analysing it as bad or not innovation…. I hope many of you realise that Apple are a CONSUMER electronics company.. they think about what their CUSTOMERS WANT! none of their products would be over 95% customer satisfaction if they didn't know what their users wanted… and its working! People LOVE apple and their products as they work for how they want them to! Who cares if the next iPad or iPhone doesn't have a 9K Digital Cinema Camera at 900FPS with a 9045×8992 Retina display…… NOBODY WANTS THAT?!?! They will announce multi-user support in iOS 10 as first they wanted to get the education market a head start to get used to it and then they'll officially roll it out in autumn this year. iPhone SE was to address the concerns of Apple apparently "Abandoning" the 4" Market despite still producing and selling iPhone 5s at volume, when in reality, if you all actually thought about it for a second, they knew this was happening years ago and have been working on it ever since! They probably started working on it a year after iPhone 5S was launched!

    Apple do things years and years ahead of their time, and then release the product when the feel it's appropriate. The new 9.7" iPad Pro has the same technology as iPhone 6s and 6s Plus as they worked on them both simultaneously… the reason why the 12.9" iPad Pro has older technology, is because there was a manufacturing issue and they couldn't release it at the same time as iPhone 6 in 2014… so they had to announce it later last year as thats when they COULD!…. and do you know why I know all this?!?! because I know why apple do what they do and I THINK about everything properly and logically without jumping to slaying them off and saying they "don't innovate"

    People complain about Apple not having a touchscreen Mac…. NOBODY WANTS THIS AGAIN! Steve Jobs said during WWDC years and years ago that they trialled it with a small group of people and they all complained their arms got tired after a few minutes… so they STOPPED working on it as thats what the user DIDN'T WANT! They wouldn't sell hardly any of them if they just ignored their consumers! So thats why, over 7 years later, they STILL don't make a touchscreen MacBook! They just place all their functionality into the Trackpad where it belongs as it natural and you don't block your content on the display!

    JUST. THINK….. It's NOT hard!

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