Radiation Island Tips & Tricks – Ask questions in the comments!

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Be sure to ask questions in the comments! I’ll answer every single one of them!

Hey guys LRKZ-GAMING has great tip videos go check them out here! = https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxyXaSaQ2Q_QfvqSUEhFK1w

What’s up guys! ProjectKaos here bringing you another addition to the series! Be sure to follow up with the rest and subscribe to see the next! I appreciate all comments! There very helpful in molding me to what you guys enjoy so don’t be shy! Also I’m running this on an iPhone 5 iOS 8.1.2 for those want to know! The lag from the video is from the video….not the game! It’s because I don’t want to (don’t really need to) jailbreak and install Cydia for $10 and void my warranty :/ Also I don’t want to buy $20 mirroring program on the computer until o get fairly popular! So be sure to sure share, like, subscribe, and Comment! As I gain notoriety I will eventually purchase official good software and purchase a mic! So be sure to…

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  1. Pro Tip #1: Get a fishing rod, fish for some fish, build a furnace, place fish on the furnace, get steak. 50 steaks should last you an entire island. And you can do this in like 5 minutes (they also burn over night while you sleep).

    Pro Tip #2: Hit gliders with a pick axe. It repackages them into a nice little pouch which you can store in the inventory. Reusable gliders = pure win. Not sure if it works with gliders that are just laying around. I think you need to walk them a bit, let go, then use the pick axe on them, else they break.

    Pro Tip #3: Gliders are very useful, as long as you don't crash them. Always pull up when landing.

  2. does anybody know to exit the game…macbook pro yosemite 10.10…i tried a hard shut down of the computer but radiation island is still running and takes up the entire screen.  is there a list of keyboard/touchpad controls somewhere?  Thank you!

  3. haha i cant even pick shit up….never used a macbook for gaming, i dont know the controls and cant find anywhere for help.  space bar, no. click, no, yellow arrow disappears, message telling me to pick up twigs, no way to do it and…this is the best part….i dont know how to quit the game  HAHA awsd just spinning around and around..weeeeeeeee

  4. We just started playing, but are having troubles with disappearing items.  First, the chest in our house disappeared, leaving our stuff all over the floor.  So we used 10 wood and crafted a second chest and put it on the ground.  But when we went to fill it, that chest too disappeared.

  5. This is probable a VERY dumb question but what is that yellow arrow above your hotbar because one time i lost all my stuff in my house, i mean it disappeared (it wasn't my chest, the chest was already in the house). when all my stuff just disappeared i freaked out cuz i thought the yellow arrow points to the nearest player. LOL and 2nd question where can i get a gun i mean ik they are in the military bases but i have no idea where the military bases are. Around where are the bases? Thnx

  6. Thx man for supporting me and shouting me out i feel like we a family connecting with vids and other channels supporting us making it a stronger bigger family
    PEACE & LOVE??

  7. NICOLAS > Why don't you get sand when you dig? Well be sure you have shovel, your inventory is clear, your hit the sand close to the water…other than that i don't know why your not getting sand :/

  8. I love your videos man! When this game first came out I searched YouTube for gameplay of this game and I found you and your videos were awesome and funny. I subbed right away (I was one of your first subs) and watched all your vids. Keep up the good work and I can't wait for more :)

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