Quick and Simple Life Hacks – Part 1

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A list of awesome & easy tips and tricks you may have never thought of. In this video we cover the following topics:
1. Fixing a warped screw
2. Make your own DIY Stylus
3. Natural Paint Remover
4. Unclogging shower head naturally
5. Cleaning windows with coke
6. Garbage Bag Storage
7. Unsealing an envelope
8. Natural bug Repellent
9. Freshen up a dish pad
10. Automatic Toilet Cleaner

Post your own in the comments!

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49 Comments on Quick and Simple Life Hacks – Part 1

  1. want to catch fly

    1. take a bag
     2.take a deo

    3.take the top of
    4.cut the top
    5.make a hole
    6.take a lemon
    7.cut the lemon half
    8.drop it in the bag
    9.fix all the things with hot glue

  2. Did you know you can use bug repellent (ex. Off!) as a car headlight cleaner?
    No? Well it works a hell of a lot better than the store bought stuff and all it needs is a paper towel to wipe it off. Hehe, off!

  3. Are you watching Life Hacks on your iPad but you are tired of holding your iPad? Well good news! If your dog is sleeping, napping, or laying down, lean your iPad on the side of your dog and lay down and face your iPad. Now you can watch life hacks!

  4. It's summer now and those fruit flies r coming out. Here's something to do to get those pesky things away. Technically. Grab a small cup or container. Chop up tiny pieces of apples and put them in the cup thing. Get some of that clear stretchy stuff and put it over the cup thing or whatever. Poke super tiny holes in the stretchy clear stuff. Now place it near your food. The fly things will be attracted to the apples, go in the holes, but will not be able to get out. Your welcome.

  5. Dont want the cupcake when you accidentally ate all the icing take any knife and cut about half of an inch off the bottom of the cupcake and place it on top BOOM cupcake sandwich now you can have all the cupcake

  6. Couple years late, but just leave the garbagebags attached to each other in the bin. This way, when you pull it out its within armsreach instead of having to climb in the bin! ;)

  7. Do you want to get a girlfriend? Just use this life hack! Grab 3 bottles of bleach and then proceed to chug 2 of them, then take the third one and pour it into a bathtub and jump in!

  8. Take a straw or stick, (straw works best) and wrap it with tinfoil, then tape it so your tinfoil won't get loose, finally make sure you hand/skin is touching the stylus when you use it to make it work properly, Voilà!

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