Public is an app that broadcasts your text chat to public

Public is an app that broadcasts your text chat to public

Remember Avner Ronen, the founder of Boxee, which was a streaming set-top box as well as a web TV platform, acquired by Samsung a few years ago? Well, he is back, with a new app named Public; a messaging app that intends to reconsider broadcasting itself as a text medium. Just as the name says, all the conversations here are public.

“Conversation is a core part of the human experience. Sharing a good conversation is something that’s connected us since before the advent of written language. The invention of radio made it possible to broadcast and share conversations with the public for the first time, TV furthered that by adding picture to the equation,” said Avner Ronen in a post. “Today we conduct most of our conversations through messaging platforms and we thought opening that communication to the public was the next logical step.”

Public the platform launched as an iPhone app and website this Friday, is basically a group chat with an audience, where few active participants chat with each other on a particular topic, be it a TV show, sports or “Black Arts & Literature.” All these conversations happen in public, letting anyone to follow them in real-time or read up on them later. Also, you can attach chats on other websites as well as share them via Facebook or Twitter.


“We want to build Public as a platform for people to chat out loud and share their great conversations with the world. We expect these chats to be inspiring, emotional, controversial, humorous, deep, mundane, informative, and entertaining. They will hopefully represent the richness of the human experience,” Ronen said.

Fullscreen is one of Public’s first launch partners, which is using the public chat service to promote its newest season of “SummerBreak,” a reality show, which follows a group of 11 LA-based high-school juniors during their summer break. Other chats you can expect to see on Public are Cheddar, Pop Culture, and Black Art & Literature and so on.

If you want to try it by yourself, it’s available right now on Apple App Store as well as the Web.


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