Project Life App – Tips & Tricks!

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  1. I have been printing digital cards with my photos. They look great! No difference from paper. The only drawback is when you add text to the digital card. The text tends to have a blurred look. Best thing is to try it for yourself and see if you like the quality… its a personal choice.

  2. Once you got them in your albums how did you feel the cards looked compared to paper ones? I have been making my pages in the app in order to stay caught up but when I print them my plan is to cut the pages apart and stick them into regular pocket pages. I'm concerned that I won't like the way the cards look printed as photos.

  3. You are BRILLIANT!! What a great idea! I was going to ask you if you could explain the PL app a little more. I hesitated to get it cuz I didn't see how it work with individual pics. I thought it was specifically for designing 12×12 layouts only. This is such a cool idea for those of us who do not have many kits already. 

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