Progressive Web App Summit 2016 – Day 1

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Watch the live stream here for Day 1 of the Progressive Web App Dev Summit 2016 in Amsterdam on June 20th and 21st!

Join Google Developers for two days of talks, codelabs and access to the Chrome engineers to discuss the future of the web.

Learn how to build great web experiences that load quickly and are amazing to use in every browser and how to weave in the latest platform technologies to deliver a great Progressive Web App.

If you missed a talk you can check out the Progressive Web App talks here!

9 Comments on Progressive Web App Summit 2016 – Day 1

  1. No disrespect for you guys, but I think most of the audiences probably on their lappies or phone banging away… just like what I am doing right now. Do you guys have a presentation that with notepage that you can share?

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