Prizefight – iPhone 6 Plus vs. Nexus 6

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It’s a big screen smartphone battle where the bad blood runs deep. Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus goes head-to-head with Google’s Nexus 6. Who will reign supreme?

20 Comments on Prizefight – iPhone 6 Plus vs. Nexus 6

  1. +CNET I normally like watching your videos but this one was a load of crap man! How do you call the last round a tie when the Nexus 6 won 2 benchmarks and the iPhone 6 plus only one the battery drainage test? If my math is correct , 2 out of 3 wins the round, right? I'm starting to think the numbers were rigged on purpose.

  2. This is b***** Nexus 6 has a better graphics score in the last round & a better overall geekbench score …while its pushing all of this on a 2k screen & while iPhone 6 is doing all of this on a 1080 p & they call it a tie !!! In the last round!!!…..the last round …nexus 6 clearly beats out iPhone 6 a long shot & hence wins the battle of better phones…CNET is just a dickrider for apple products. Especially Brian tong who is an apple enthusiast.. Duh !! Wake up people…nexus 6 is better than both iPhone 6 & 6+

  3. That first round was absolutely ridiculous. A whole point more for the iPhone? The reason, the nexus 6 is "to big"? Their pretty much the same size in dimensions, and the nexus 6 has a bigger, more pixel rich screen. Stop being apple fan boys and be fair for once the first round should've been to the nexus 6 or a tie. 

  4. I honestly dont understand why people are complaining over this result. After all, it's made by "CNET". They cant live without Apple. For them, Android is nothing but a secondary option so the result is no surprise

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