Prizefight – iPhone 6 Plus vs. Galaxy Note 4

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It’s two of the top phablets and bitter rivals in the smartphone space. It’s Apple’s first big screen iPhone 6 Plus versus the phone that started it all, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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  1. People who have Apple phones don't even know why they have an Apple phone, it is sad that people with the Iphone 5s are being laughed at, and bullied because the people with Iphone 6 and 6 plus have the expensive, new phone. I've seen many features on Android first, then Apple copies them and you see them all over the news stating that Apple was the first one with those features and blah blah. Furthermore, Apple is for people who do not like customization, you literary can't do shit. Apple fans get soo hurt when Samsung and Android phones can do more thing then their Apple phones. Lets not mention that Apple hires companies support and execute sweatshops. You happy Apple fans? you phone was made by an 8 year old that probably died form  exhaustion and starvation. 

  2. This is too funny. In previous videos they clearly state that Apple wins the fight but in this one the Note 4 is the best phablet on the market. They don't have the balls to say the Note 4 wins. Lol so Biased.

  3. Ok why did they not show the scores the note 4 was the clear winner here if it was apple with the high score it would show the score and fireworks would be lit. CNET is biased. Lol.

  4. Honestly, Apple fans should be thanking Samsung. Without Samsung and their Galaxy Note line, the iPhone 6 Plus would not exist. In fact, Apple would still be of the mentality that no phone should be larger than 3.5". You should expect that Apple's first go at the large smartphone/phablet market would not be perfect. The Galaxy Note line is now on it's 4th generation, so Samsung has this device formula down to a science… while Apple just made a really big iPhone.

    The Note 4 is an amazing device. If you say that the iPhone 6 Plus is better, you have never used a Note 4. I have used both devices quite a bit, and the Note 4 is the clear winner. It can do so much more than the 6 Plus, and it offers more VALUE (they're both the same price) than the 6 Plus too. Features + value is a tough combination to beat.

    Good luck next year Apple.

  5. APPLE SUCKS ,FIRST OF ALL THEIR BLUETOOTH SUCKS ,THEIR WIFI SUCKS TOO AND EVERY ONE OF THE PHONES IS THE SAME THE IPHONE 2g IS THE SAME AS THE IPHONE 6 PLUS,IN THE OTER HAND THE SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 4 has an awesome screen display !!!,it has a beast battery ,it has an s pen which is awesome and ,multitask ,the speaker is louder,way better than a iphone 6/plus

  6. The iPhone use to be cool when it was a Att phone exclusive… Now 12 year old kids all over the world have iPhones but hey its easy to use and the app store is great!!!! Lmao apple sucks all these idiots keep buying them no wonder why apple doesn't innovate anymore I'll just stay with my note 4 I'll be fine 

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