Prizefight – HTC One vs. Apple iPhone 5

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HTC brings one of the best-designed Android phones to take on Apple’s iPhone and its stellar design pedigree. It’s the HTC One up against the iPhone 5. Let’s get it on!

37 Comments on Prizefight – HTC One vs. Apple iPhone 5

  1. Well when you consider the HTC 1 came out a year after the iPhone 5, of corse it probably has some newer stuff the iPhone doesn’t. But we will see what phone people like when the 6 comes out…

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  3. Lol Im personally an android fan but wow is this video biased just a bit? I swear they are using a damaged iphone in some of the clips (scratches on the edges) XD

  4. Help! I've been with apple for 5 years! I'm just getting tired of apple. Nothing new. Same layout just different colors! I'm debating between this phone and the Galaxy s4. I really want to move on but i'm going to miss my FaceTime. 

  5. I'm using my iPhone 5 now and I hate it, it's so slow and apps don't open they shutdown right away, I never had an android phone or htc and I'm getting my htc this Saturday so I'm looking forward to using the htc 

  6. @MoAb LeGiND
    Don't forget what Steve jobs himself said about the Apple company: "a good Artist copies, but a great Artist steals" (quoted from Picasso I believe). All companies take ideas from others and incorporate then into their own products, that includes apple. 

  7. USER INTERFACE: You can also make folders on the HTC One. Yeah, the blinkfeed can't be removed, but one swipe to the left and you're in the "old" homepanel. Not a challenging task. Also, you can just hit the power button to "put to sleep" while in the "old" homepanel and the next time you activate the screen it's in the old homepanel where you left.

  8. Yeah! Apple is nowhere near anything good! Some of there employees are nowhere to be found when they should be working. Their technology is going nowhere. They want to charge a lot of money for crap! Stupid junk!

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