Prizefight: Battle of the Specs — Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. Apple iPhone 6 Plus

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Let’s see what Samsung’s and Apple’s flagship smartphones have under the hood.

45 Comments on Prizefight: Battle of the Specs — Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. Apple iPhone 6 Plus

  1. in order to make it at least a better matchup, they got the 6 Plus, even tho the Galaxy doesnt compete with the Plus but the Note does.. lol Cnet cnet… but still crushed it

  2. iPhone 6 better resale value, no bloatware, no 3rd party advertisement, better security, better app store, just overall higher quality than any android. And this is coming from a former Android fanboy. If I was to get another Android phone definitely be LG

  3. To be honest, in this day and age, specs do not mean as much. It's all about the experience. Sure one phone can have more cores, or a higher display, but in the end of the day, all that really matters is the experience. Higher res screen, but lower battery life because of that.. see what I mean. I came from from having a flagship S4 to a Huawei Ascend Mate 2. The huawei is a midrange phone and the performance on paper is no where near the S4. After using it for a while I realized that I liked the Huawei better and it was more smoother overall because of the lack of Touchwiz.

  4. Actually apple is not the best finger scanner, look at the hauwei mate 7. You take pics with touching the scanner on the back. It even unlocks when it is dormant, and it is faster than touch ID

  5. Okay this dumbass said the 6 Plus camera was "laggy" this is only because there is a hidden setting for the recording part of the camera. If you go to camera settings you can go and switch your recording from 30 to 60 fps. And the recording is very crisp and clear with crazy clear motion and detail. C-net. Get all of your facts before you publish something like this and I'm surprised to see a company like you have even a typo in this presentation? Like really?

  6. The specs for the S6 may be better than the iPhone 6 but the problem with Android phones, especially the ones that try to compete against Apple, it's that they focus on making a few things (resolution, RAM, etc) better or more powerful than the iPhone. But Android phones rarely achieves the kind of overall balance that iPhones do. It never ceases to amaze me how close or better iPhones do in benchmark tests as compared to its competition with better overall specs. That just makes me think that most people want phones with the latest, greatest specs solely for bragging rights.

    I do own an iPhone 6+ for the record but for years prior to that, I've owned a number of Android phones (and a Windows Phone as well) so I do have an appreciation for what Samsung has done. I hope the S6 will be a success but with no micro SD slot or removable battery, I'm wondering how many people will abandon it for offerings from HTC and LG. Time will tell.

  7. The payment method is still unsecured, might as well give them your card info by ear. Lol
    Also since its transmitting a signal I can just place another receiver and get numbers easily since users are now just shouting out their cars enough from their phone lol

  8. specs mean nothing the gs5 im typing this on is the slowest hunk of shit phone. my htc evo from 5 years ago was faster and more responsive and the specs arent even comparable. never had an iphone but samsung is garbage

  9. This is a Joke!!! The 6plus competes with the Note 4, while the S6 competes with the Iphone6!   This is like comparing  a Honda Accord to Corolla. Get it together Cnet!!!

  10. Why are we still doing hardware comparisons? It's completely irrelevant when you're talking about the top end flagship phone. Both phones are so fundamentally different it wouldn't be a fair comparison no matter who won the fight. The GS6 looks to be a pretty awesome phone… But the specs will never make me like android.. And I'm sure android users feel the same way about its… So let's stop these meaningless phone fights it may have been a factor 5 years ago.. But that is no longer the case. 

  11. Not for me. I wanted a Note 4, and then it was downgraded to micro USB 2.0, like we are savages in the jungle, then I wanted the s6, no removable battery, no micro sd. I'm stuck with my Note 3 for now. Maybe Note 5…

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