Prizefight: Battle of the Specs – iPhone 6S vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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We line up the iPhone 6S for a head-to-head specs battle with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

43 Comments on Prizefight: Battle of the Specs – iPhone 6S vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

  1. The difference between 500+ ppi and 300+ppi is negligible. At the normal distance you would view your phone, those pixels can't be distinguished. The human eye simply is incapable of making the distinction. Unless you hold your phone a few inches from your face, 323 ppi is perfectly fine. I hope people begin looking more at the relevance of specs and how they translate into an actual experience more so than the raw numbers themselves. The same argument goes for battery life. As long as the device lasts you one whole day, any improved battery life is nearly useless for the typical person, since you can charge your phone overnight. Technology is at the point where the difference in performance between high end phones isn't the issue. It's the versatility and OS that really makes a difference in your day to day experience using a smartphone.

  2. im not sure about there testing about battery life but my iphone 6s puts my friends Samsung Galaxy s6 too shame. i mean i get it they have fast charging and wireless charging but at 2500 mah and pushing that many pixels with that many cores along with a more powerhungry OS makes the S6's battery absolute shit. my iphone 6s aint the best either but its still WAAAYY better than the S6s

  3. it's not fair that you guys used the galaxy s6 edge instead of the s6 edge plus since it is the newer phone, however Samsung still crushed Apple proving once again Iphones are nothing but hyped up garbage

  4. MAN i dunno what to get!!! I am upgrading from a note 3 and i can either get a Note 5 edge or a iphone 6s plus.
    The note 5 screen looks way sharper and the camera pics look better and looks to be better for a heavy gamer
    but im so invested into IOS games and the appleverse from my ipad with thousands spent on summoner wars , clash of clans ect ect
    and IOS seems to have more apps and a better OS. BUT getting another Note android will feel the same as my old Note 3 and it wont feel new expet for the edge part , with IOS it will be all shiny and fun to fiddle around. Any suggestions?

  5. "Wireless" charging is NOT wireless, you put the phone on a pad with a wire attached to the pad. Wireless charging is whenever you can charge a phone WITHOUT a pad and a wire going to the pad.

  6. Apple products are behind our time, I don't see why people buy them, I think it's because everyone knows Apple and they manage to 'trick' people into buying their phones since they use a heap of fancy names and all that.

  7. Samsung usually only wins on paper go check out a iPhone 6 vs Samsung s6 video the iPhone 6 is slower but barely!!! and it's actually faster than the s6 in some aspects so the iPhone 6s should beat the s6 hands down

  8. I still have note 3 ! So far it has usb 3.0 No other phones have that option. Also I can get wireless charging for it to. I will keep this phone till it crashes. So far I don't like the new phones yet.

  9. The S6 Edge benchmark uses all 8 cores, whereas all other apps use only 4 cores. As a result the real world performance of the S6 Edge and the even more powerful S6 Edge+/Note 5 is still less than the iPhone 6s. If you want to see a proper comparison, look at the Geekbench test on the Samsung phones when they're run with 4 cores, and compare it to the iPhone's benchmark. The iPhone's A9 gets both higher single core and multi-core performance in this situation.

  10. I have a iphone 6 plus im thinking of geting 6splus i had all samsung phone i love Android but i wonted to try something new …yes i did you other iphones but after the ip4 i said no Apple always come out with the same phone like the 4s so i left the only problem I had with android is battery life sucks iPhone last longer i do wanna get iphone 6s plus but to me its the same phone no different then the one i have so i might go get note 5 idk tho

  11. I like the Normal S6 better then both because on the Edge there is light glare on the display where it's curved and you keep accidentally touching the edge. iPhone is boring and also very slippery without a case due to its curve design

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