Prizefight – Battle of the Specs – iPhone 6S vs. iPhone 6

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We break down the improvements Apple has made from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 6S.

34 Comments on Prizefight – Battle of the Specs – iPhone 6S vs. iPhone 6

  1. It all sounds so nice now, until Apple releases the iPhone 7. I just upgraded to a 6, so I'll be eligible for my next one when the 7S is coming out. I'm not even bothered by the upgrades here.

  2. Why don't they mention battery life? I believe the new phone has a smaller battery to make room for the new hardware. I know the new processor will play a factor too on battery life.

  3. stupid review.. since they suck up on Apple all the time, they have to put the old Iphone to compete with the new one.. what kind of prizefight is this????
    too afraid to match it agaisnt the Galaxy S6?

  4. "Both bring the same 14 hour battery talk time" Ha, lets see about that when it gets released. Apple didn't mention the battery life in this new model in their keynote as an improvement, so this might mean it's worse than the iPhone 6 with it's new 3D touch technology and animated photos.

  5. you're paying for a better camera & SMALLER battery. At least throw in 1080p, OIS, & fast charging/wireless charging. Then it'll be worth be the upgrade. Ohh wait that'll be the 7S cause the 7 will get just one of the above.

  6. This is absolutely the dumbest show ever. How about iPhone 6s vs Samsung s6 or something. Wtf kind of bs are you trying to show us that Apple hasn't shown us.

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