Pokemon GO: The Best Tips For Catching Wild Pokemon! | Pokémon GO Gameplay

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Guys, this is my first Pokémon GO video. I tested the Field Test very intensely, and will be hosting a Pokémon GO series here on my channel. My let’s play will be far more gameplay centric. If you haven’t tried the game yet, give it a whirl. Hope you enjoy!


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49 Comments on Pokemon GO: The Best Tips For Catching Wild Pokemon! | Pokémon GO Gameplay

  1. would love to see some footage about the Gym battles and how it works. I have been trying but not quite figuring out how the flow of the battle works quite yet. hope you might have some inside on that?

  2. question: I see a grass animation on my screen sometimes, but when I'm close/near to it nothing ever happens. I've tried tapping on the grass when I'm near it but nothing happens.What should I do and what is it ?

  3. You forgot something about throwing Pokeballs, when you encounter a Pokemon hold the Pokeball and start making small circles with it. It will make it easier for the pokeball to hit the Pokemon and you will have less chances of missing.

  4. I have a couple of questions:
    What does it mean when you seen little leafs flaring around on your maps? I work by the beach and There's a lot of those around the coast
    And second, is there a benefit to powering up your pokemon before evolving it? Or should I just evolve from the get go if I can?

  5. Guys is this just going to be "collect them all" and do nothing with it? Or is there going to be like fighting etc? Because so far it's just kinda boring..OFcourse capturing is fun but kinda pointless if you can't do anything with it.

  6. Yo! Rather than stressing out about finding them with your camera, you can switch off 'AR' which is Augmented Reality. No more annoying use of the camera and the Pokemon stay dead center of the screen!

  7. If your phone isnt on a plan, dont bother with this game. Using your homes wifi can still work, but you'll see the same pokemon. Actually going to rivers around your area can get you water pokemon. I learned that from people who are traveling for this game. This game is the best game for your phone hands down so go get it, seriously.

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