Pokemon GO: 7 Things You NEED TO KNOW

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Pokemon GO announced for iOS and Android. What is it? What’s the hype about? Let’s talk about it!
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29 Comments on Pokemon GO: 7 Things You NEED TO KNOW

  1. 1st mode of pokemon go:just like sims you control a charecter and when catching pokemon the reality kicks in

    2nd mode:trailer no 2 yeah…. pokemon all around you

    p.s its going to be in 3999 so dont freak out juuussst yet

  2. The only thing I might not like is that someone will probably come to my house and tell me that there is a legendary pokemon somewhere in my house and that he needs to catch it ASAP

    mainly because I would be like "THAT LEGENDARY IS MINE" and close the door on him

  3. this makes me cry happily, a game ive been with all my life sence u was little i was learning the ways of pokemon, i feel in depression when i lost all my beloved pokemon to a thief and he destroyed all my pokemon games and gaming devices specifically nintendo devices, been a year now and to see there so close to the real pokemon gaming, so close to making the perfect game becoming the perfect life, pokemon always has a place in my heart and i thank every one that loves pokemon and help design it, i can really see them making a virtual reality world of pokemon in at the very most 10 years, im sure we will be the generation to intoduce our children how amazing pokemon truly is, thanks for making the video helps a lot in my knowlage of it ~Deathbane

  4. heres how the Game is going to be:
    Kid: Look a wild Pikachu inside my toilet drops phone in toilet CRAP
    Man taking a poo: looks up hey is that a wild Pikachu?
    Pikachu: stares
    Man taking a poo: um hello…
    Pikachu: PIKAAAAAAA runs at man

  5. Will that be too heavy game, like only superawesome phones can handle it?????????????????

    Oh and how funny will that be when there is a Mew in the middle of a gueto full of armed drug dealers… a bunch of fat nerds dieing like heroes!

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