Pocketnow Poll: Best Boomsound? HTC 10 or One M9?

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We ask you! Which phone has the better BoomSound? We’ve recorded samples from the HTC 10, One M9, and we’re using the Galaxy S7 as baseline. Which phone has the best speaker playback? YOU DECIDE!

HTC 10 Samples https://youtu.be/PpkNfsLNhPA
HTC One M9 Samples https://youtu.be/m28LfR25PEk
Galaxy S7 Samples https://youtu.be/DEk9DgeYjhE

Vote using the Youtube poll built into this video, and we’ll announce the results in a future episode of the Pocketnow Weekly Podcast!


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30 Comments on Pocketnow Poll: Best Boomsound? HTC 10 or One M9?

  1. there is comparison between m9 and s7 ? or 10 vs s7 ? come on guys do you kidding me? S7 should not be here with legends of sound systems 🙂 .
    i think m9 is louder than 10 but 10 is more high quality than m9 and more fresh sound with out some noise that you hear from m9 .

  2. Excellent test, and I have to admit the HTC 10 takes it for frequency response and tonal balance.
    M9 highs are over emphasized, which is what I experienced when I had one for a couple days.
    The S7 was missing the range and tonal balance (I own the S7 Edge right now).
    I think the M8 would have been closer to the 10, but at least I can go ahead and buy the 10 with this last bit of uncertainty cleared up. One of the things I like doing is playing music with the phone on my bedside desk using a BT remote keypad for control, and the M8 is one of the few phones that you can do this with and actually ENJOY the sound. Looks like the 10 will do a good job as well.

  3. Listening on THX-certified pc speakers, the HTC M9's speaker audio has so much more clarity and range on the high and low end than the 10's. Each instrument is easy to identify, all drum hits from bass to cymbals sound crisp, and everything sounds fuller. In the jazz sample especially, the 10 sounds like I'm listening to a phone speaker, while the M9 sounds like the instruments could actually be in front of me.

  4. have the m7 m9 and s7 edge and honestly the s7 is by far the loudest in all surroundings the m9 is the best in terms of quality at lower volumes and in quiet surroundings but both my m7 and m9 get easily drown out by iPhone 6 and galaxy s7s every time I've had HTC for over 8 years and changed to galaxy this year from my m9 as to be honest in the real world I'd rather it just be louder and medium quality then quieter and brilliant quality.

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