Pocket Mortys Tips and Tricks and Crafting Recipes

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Crafting Recipes are shown below. In this video I am going to go over some Pocket Morty tips and tricks and some ideas on How To play Pocket Mortys.
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I also go over the Pocket Mortys crafting recipes, how to craft items, how to get Morty Manipulator Chips in Pocket Mortys, and how to beat bosses in Pocket Mortys. This should help you in battles and make you the best Pocket Mortys player. How to catch Mortys is also described in the video.

Pocket Mortys is a Rick and Morty game on Android (Tablet and Phones) by adult swim.
The Crafting recipes described in this Pocket Morty Tips and Tricks video are described below. This explains how to craft potions and Morty Manipulator Chips.

Morty Manipulator Chip – Supercharged battery + Circuit Board + Tin Can

Serum – Battery + Fleeb

Great Serum – Battery + Purified…

35 Comments on Pocket Mortys Tips and Tricks and Crafting Recipes

  1. You focus on healing a lot early on, but since there's virtually zero penalty for death, you're fine just letting Bird Person take you back to heal and just try another portal.

  2. Stray Cat morty = Scissors = Cat Scratch
    Old Morty = Paper = So i say hes OP(Old=Paper)
    V Neck = Scissors = So I say sharp v neck
    Test Morty = Paper = You take tests on paper

    Just a few ive come up with lol

  3. Hey Up,
    I wanted to point out that there is no repercutions for death in this game. you keep all levels
    , xp and items you had right before you die. So, it turms out that its incredibly easy to out level the zones and never have to use your health potions or revives.

  4. Death has no disadvantage in this game, aside from not getting to get the badge from that world. Having said this, they are all randomised anyway so it really doesn't matter.

  5. I've been playing for 3 days and I already have a team of level 35+ Mortys (including the one true morty) and I have already beaten 4 counselors and I have learned 75% of the recipes. Is that bad?

  6. Dude, you can go back yo the citadel whenever you want
    (Spoiler alert)
    At the end of the game you get your portal gun and a sweet ass cape!
    The portal gun will you go back to the citadel whenever you want

  7. SPOILERS.IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ SPOILERS, DO NOT READ!!!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!He said "One True Morty". That was the original Morty. You have to get the egg Morty and get him to level 21 to make him "The One True Morty"

  8. has anyone figured out what to craft for Dandy Rick's car fuel? I crafted a miniverse box and that didnt work. Its probably so simple im overlooking it.

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