Play Any Retro Game on iPhone or iPad Without a Jailbreak!

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Apple doesn’t allow emulators into the App Store. Why? Nobody really knows because Google has permitted several into the Android Play Store. Up until recently, it was required of iPhone and iPad iOS users to jailbreak in order to run emulators but not anymore! I show how to run Super Nintendo, NES, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, PSP, Nintendo DS, GameBoy, MAME, and Sega Genesis games on your iPhone or iPad—all without a jailbreak!

45 Comments on Play Any Retro Game on iPhone or iPad Without a Jailbreak!

  1. I'm having some trouble downloading the GamePad app. So far every time I go about downloading it, it will tell me that it cannot be installed at this time. Any way to fix this?

  2. I would highly recommend not downloading this. The app itself looks extremely dodgy and the fact that the apps bundled with Mojo are mostly pirating clients, torrent sites and such just kinda adds to the sketchiness of this app. I would recommend using a PSP or an Android.

  3. Thank you for your video, but Iphone still sucks. I have an Iphone 4s, and Super Mario runs in 4 frames per sec (!!!)
    Don't tell me because Iphone 4s is old, I can play PSX's Final Fantasy VII on a very old XperiaU…

  4. This is a really cool one! Thanks! If you guys want a good android retro game store check out happy bay. There are TONS of retro games. It is really cool app so check it out!

  5. I have tried this a few times, the directions are easy enough to follow, but I get an unable to download message every time. I have plenty of space on the device, it just say could not be installed at this time for whatever reason.

  6. Excelent tutorial my friend, only one question, how do you manage to connect or to visualize the emulator on the itunes?? im not seeing it on my mac, is there anything else different to do to see it on the mac?? thanks for your support

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