**PATCHED**Injustice Mobile Android/iOS: Infinite Sell Glitch 2.8.1 Redux and Refined

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update 19/5/2016: **PATCHED** as of update 2.9; check back here or in our weekly Q&As for any more news


This is the second time we’re filming this glitch, even though it has only been a week since we posted the original video. But we’ve learned enough from commenters and further experimentation that it became clear we needed another update.

Based on the questions we are getting in the comments to the original video, we feel there was enough new information and new insights to warrant re-filming the entire glitch instead of just a quick update.

Thanks to the following:
+Alphatronix S
+James Keating of HaroldZombies (https://www.youtube.com/user/HaroldZombies)
+Leigh Remedios

The original video is still up here: https://youtu.be/3GTyk_yuIN8
The first interim update is here: https://youtu.be/BRPgl4m6xlI

Death glitch is here: https://youtu.be/49Y-igD_Kh8

Here’s the playlist for our unboxing videos:…

35 Comments on **PATCHED**Injustice Mobile Android/iOS: Infinite Sell Glitch 2.8.1 Redux and Refined

  1. I oversold flash and you know there is this thing that you get stuff everyday and then you can get a card
    now i got flash there and now its keep on appiering that i got flash. how can i stop that

  2. Ok so I got ahead and I started doing this glitch with the new 52 flash, since he was the only character I had that wasn't maxed out. But then I heard not to do it with bronze characters cause they're daily login bonuses. But then I realized that new 52 flash is only available in the bronze pack. Is this still ok or am I at risk?


  4. Super important question. What if it missed a challenge like the dawn of justice Wonder Woman challenge. If they are not in the challenge booster pack, will the challenge for them ever come around again. If not then how do you get them to Elite VII

  5. How to get free-in-app purchases for advanced Jailbroken iOS Users:

    IMPORTANT NOTE: When using this method to get in app purchases. ALL AUGMENTATIONS AND SURVIVAL MODE WILL BE RESET. XP augmentations that are already been applied to characters WON’T be reset though. Base damage, crit chance, health, and crit damage augmentations that have been applied to characters will all be RESET TO DEFAULT and everything in star labs will disappear. Be careful when messing around in the previous version of Injustice as you can possibly LOSE characters and gear cards in your collection. ONLY USE THE PREVIOUS VERSION TO GET FREE IN APP PURCHASES. When doing this, you'll ONLY be sacrificing ALL augmentations and whatever progress you have made in survival mode to get free credits and energy.

    1. Go into Cydia and install LocaliAPStore, App Cake, AppSync Unified, and RocketBootstrap
    2. Go into the latest version of Injustice and logout.
    3. Double tap home button and clear off Injustice from multitasking view and remove Injustice application from your device
    4. Go into App Cake and search for Injustice Gods Among Us and install the previous version of Injustice (2.6)
    5. When it is successfully downloaded and installed onto the device, go into the application and log in.
    6. You can now get free in-app-purchases with LocaliAPStore.
    7. When you are satisfied of how much credits and energy you have, log out of Injustice and remove Injustice (2.6) from the device.
    8. Go into the official application store to get the latest version of Injustice and log back in and you are done. All credits and energy that have been “purchased” in 2.6 will be in the latest version when you log back into Injustice.

    • Highly recommended that you don’t mess around with your collection and avoid playing online while in the previous version of Injustice. Characters, gear cards that are only available in the latest version will not be viewable in 2.6.

    • Again…… Only get free in-app purchases while in the previous version; don’t do ANYTHING else for the safety of your account.

    • This method was tested on a Jailbroken iPod Touch 5th Generation.

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