Pangu On iOS 9.2.1 Updating: Should You Update & Jailbreak?

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Pangu comments iOS 9.2.1 and Updating! Should you update to iOS 9.2.1 if you care about Jailbreaking? Let’s take a look, it’s kind of complicated!

Today, Pangu’s own Windknown posted a quick blog entry concerning iOS 9.2.1’s security improvements. This video attempts to aid you in the decision of whether you should update.

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— — Update to 9.2.1 VS Jailbreaking Table of Contents — —

0:07 – iOS 9.2.1 & Security Improvements
0:41 – Pangu’s Blog Entry
1:24 – What Does It Mean?
1:57 – Natural Translation
2:19 – Inside Jailbreak Info?
3:15 – The Facts
3:56 – Update? The Verdict!
4:55 – Security Warning!

For those of you who wish to read Pangu’s technical entry (no Jailbreak information detailed), visit their latest blog post:…

36 Comments on Pangu On iOS 9.2.1 Updating: Should You Update & Jailbreak?

  1. Will the new jailbreak cover 9.2.1? I am jailbroken on IOS 7.0.4 and wanna upgrade but Apple just stopped signing IOS 9.2. I know I should've done it earlier but is there any hope for me if I upgrate through iTunes to 9.2.1?

  2. ok, I know nothing about jailbreaking, and I'm trying to learn more for when I do jailbreak. So if I jailbreak, can I still update my iPhone to a newer ios? and if I do update, will this delete my previous jailbreak? and is it worth waiting till a jailbreak comes out for ios 9.3??? thanks

  3. FREAKING OUT, i broke my phone and my friend gave me hers and its running 8.4.1 (obviously theres no jailbreak for that) but can i download the IPSW for iOS 9 and install it? I know when apple stops signing you can't downgrade but does that mean the same for upgrade?

  4. So when u said not to install third-party apps, I already have. The only thing I installed was Airshou on iEnchantify. Plz respond to see if I should do something about this. PS. it is ok if I have to restore device

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