Overwatch: 10 Things To Know When Starting A New Game

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Overwatch (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is deeper than it looks. Here are some tips on how to be a team player and get the most out of your character.
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38 Comments on Overwatch: 10 Things To Know When Starting A New Game

  1. I'm planning on getting overwatch for my xbox one,anyone know how I can communicate with my team? (I have a headset,but I have a feeling I wont use it to much)

  2. this game is very much not for me, i love how it looks and from what ive seen, how it plays. but im not a team guy, and i dont like playing anything other than glass canons or other high damage classes. im a solo guy, this aint for me which makes me really sad because i really wanna play overwatch

  3. Should be called "10 bad tips for people who've never played an FPS before"

    90% of these tips are stupid anyway.

    -2 supports + 2 tanks isn't necessary. If you have a decent Mercy that AT LEAST averages around 2000 healing a game then you don't really need a Lucio. And 2 tanks takes away a vital spot that could be taken by another atk/def.

    -You don't need to prioritize tanks as Mercy, people! I get prioritizing your ult on them since they are slow and usually can't get to the point/payload as fast, but as a Mercy main, I think healing should be prioritized on people who are either 1: Most damage being taken 2: Lowest HP and 3: Closest person to you (If you play with randoms and you're a Mercy, this happens A LOT.)

    -Sometimes, maining can actually be pretty good for the game. I do get switching if its 99.9% needed, but pretend you main a support, like Zenyatta. Pretend they need a Genji to counter so and so but everyone on your team sucks at Genji and they want you to switch. Pretend you are insanely good at Zenyatta, alright? Stay Zenyatta. Chances are you can communicate enough to get a plan to counter so and so as your main.

    -Playing the objective is basic, recruit level stuff. If you're watching this you already know it probably

    -There are some obvious counters to people, yeah, but sometimes, if you can (as I said before) communicate with your team and devise a plan, you can usually be able to counter without switching, sometimes even faster.

    -Even if you are new, Bastion can still be easily killable by anyone. I learned the ways to kill a Bastion like 1 hour in Overwatch.

    -There were so many tips in this video you missed out, and you could've easily switched out half of the tips with actual tips.

    -This video REALLY tried to pull people away from maining for some reason

    -90% of the time you can COMPLETELY disobey the team tips and still win in quick play (Since half the randoms you'll play against will probably be bad-semi decent, so you only need to listen to it like half of the time.

    -You didn't add that you can only deflect Hanzo's ult when it's still in arrow form, to save the lives of some unfortunate Genjis.

    -There isn't really such thing as a "wasted ultimate" but there is a "bad ultimate"

    -Zarya's ult, even if alone, CAN be used to buy some time for a Zarya to get help from her team + a few hit points down

    -Voice chat isn't everything (This comment was made before comp comes out so don't flame please) and you can do pretty good without it. I don't have voice chat and still manage good.

    And a lot more I probably missed, but atm that's all.

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