Overview: Android Marshmallow Update for PRIV

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Android 6.0 Marshmallow (M) is now available on ShopBlackBerry.com and is coming to all major carriers offering PRIV starting May 3. You’ll be able to update to the latest version of Android, completely patched up to include our coming May 2016 update, simply by downloading the software update on your PRIV (be sure to connect to Wi-Fi to avoid unnecessary data charges). They include many new improvements to security, privacy and usability – keyboard, BlackBerry Hub, battery performance, camera and more!

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  1. I've downloaded this update for my priv and I must say that it addresses all issues I had with the device. It makes the priv one of the best android handsets on the market now.

  2. On my PRIV I had info about Marshmallow update with manual camera mode (control of exposure or shutter speed) but i cant see that anywhere. Any idea when it's going to be live?

  3. WARNING, BBRY PRIV is good phone, but BBRY Customer Care is terrible, if you get your phone somehow get breaks then just throw away the phone..buy something else..

  4. I like BB10. I have a Classic which is pretty nice. I wanted to upgrade to a passport silver but now you won't support BB10 anymore and now nobody will ever support with even barebones apps. Almost everything you do turns me and the rest of the world off Blackberry. Why do you hate money so much? Did you secretly hire Elop?

  5. Oh Lord!! Bring the Swipe keyboard to the Passport please!! 😀 that was my dreams and it came true… Only that it was on a different phone lol Swipe keyboard on the physical keyboard best idea ever!

  6. With that price point and your target consumers in mind, I'm only guessing this is the reason why your video seems so old-fashioned; Priv is being marketed to higher level execs, and, most probably, are beyond the Gen Y era, moreso Gen Z. I love you, BlackBerry, but I know you can make even more interesting content like you did with the promo material for the Leap and even with your collaboration for the design influences of the Passport (was it with The Guild)?

    In any case, I really am looking forward to the more wallet friendly Androids, so us students can pocket BlackBerry as well.

    More wishful thinking; could we please have an update to our BB10 devices for dual-boot Android and BB10 capabilities?

    This would seriously lengthen our time with our soon to be discontinued BB10 devices.

    #teamBlackBerry #BlackBerryPassportUser

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