OtterBox Universe case system: It’s a whole new world for iPhone accessories

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OtterBox has partnered with several smartphone accessory manufacturers to create a new platform for iPhone accessories. See the Universe in action.

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29 Comments on OtterBox Universe case system: It’s a whole new world for iPhone accessories

  1. I actually agree with you, if only LG made the G5 like any other metal phone with no compromises on design. They could easily just make a modular case & be included with the phone, that way they wouldn't be having a tough time right now.

  2. what i find a bit disturbing is the price of the case. 70$ for the case then you still have to buy the modules(it would be useless to buy this if you dont plan on buying a module). so why not lower the price of the case to encourage users to buy the case and maybe get tempted to buy a module to try it on…. coz the case is god damn ugly!!!!

  3. Not even close to Project Ara, this is the All-in-one modular case, like a collection of already available IPhone's cases for making them work in a modular form factor.

    The Project Ara's phone would do what ever dreamed a gadget may do, accordingly to your convinience that may differ from other users.

    Project Ara is like a million light years away from this "modular case", for all the good reasons though.

  4. Well, if you're prone to using any iPhone as a total desktop PC substitute, then by all means this is your go to case.

    However, if you plan to utterly abandon the ol' PC interminably; just remember the cost of all those expensive modules could eventually reach and/or exceed the overall cost of a decent PC.

    So, all that unnecessary expense for a planned obsolescence smart device… seriously.

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