Otterbox Symmetry Gets Even Better: The *New* Symmetry for iPhone 6s Plus!

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If you have an iPhone 6s Plus and are looking for a slim, protective case that feels great in the hand and has just the right amount of grip, you should definitely consider the new and improved Otterbox Symmetry. Introduced with the iPhone 6 line, the original Otterbox Symmetry was a great case, but with the new Otterbox Symmetry for iPhone 6s Plus, Otterbox has really hit one out of the park. Otterbox was kind enough to send me out both the old and new versions of the Otterbox Symmetry to compare, and although the original version is an undeniably solid choice, several design changes have made the new Symmetry a clear winner. First of all the new Symmetry case is thinner and appears to be very slightly narrower as well. The fit of the new Symmetry is a little tighter than the old one, resulting in a better fit overall, especially at the bottom of the case. Both cases have a similar type of construction, with a hard, smooth matte-finished polycarbonate back joined to a grippy…

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  1. I want to buy otterbox symmetry black case for iphone 6s plus. I just wanna make sure that it protects the camera lens even if we put it on the flat surface and also that it consists of rubber or silicone like material from inside. I will be greatful for any help.

  2. I have old ver & new ver of otterbox symmetry for iphone 6s. I think this new version have a great slim design & more importanly for me is a buttons much better easy to press than old version

  3. Sorry for my poor English first. I have the old symmetry limited adition black gold for my iPhone 6s, but I notice that when I put on the case. The rubber of the bottom is a bit bendy. It's not like the top which is flat. Do u ever have the same issue? I tried so many ways to put my phone into the old case and the bottom rubber is always a bit bendy. I think it's all because the 6s is longer than 6? Thank u for forgiving my poor English and I hope you can understand what I'm saying:) hope to hear from u soon! Have a good one!

  4. Another great review! Looking at Otterbox's website I see they have clear cases for the Symmetry line. I think I might pick one up. The graphic cases are pretty though.

    Do you think an edge-to-edge screen protector will work with this case?

  5. Another great review thank you,at this moment I'm really hoping you would own a Galaxy Note 5 because I've searched and tried many glass protectors for my new Note 5 i just picked up last week awhhh so sad?everyone leaves a halo around all corners I'm sure you know what I mean anyways thanks for another great review cheers and merry Christmas and happy new year but I'll still be watching take care?

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