Oppo F1 Plus vs iPhone 6 – Speed Test! (4K)

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Oppo F1 plus vs iPhone 6 Speed Test comparison including ram management, fingerprint scanner, apps opening, boot up and browsing.

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41 Comments on Oppo F1 Plus vs iPhone 6 – Speed Test! (4K)

  1. For all of those who are wondering why he used the iphone 6 instead of the 6s in the video.
    The answer is simple,the 6s would have completly crushed and humiliated the oppo.

  2. iPhone slow animation isn't a thing to blame about, iPhone is working fabulously and smoothly….i can see that oppo didn't give f1 plus good animation bc it's gonna take so much ram lol…..shame on android user who is always need more RAM

  3. lol, this guy must be get paid by OPPO , you tried too hard to make that copycat phone a winner….i wouldn't carry that kind of phone, it's too embarrassing to use it out in the public area bc it's a copycat hahaha….

  4. iPhone was slow at the last test because iOS has window animation and it cannot be disabled.And oppo was fast because the animation was disabled by manufacture.

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