Oneplus One vs iPhone 6 Speed Test

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Dave Bennett gives a speed test of the Oneplus One vs iPhone 6
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Can the Oneplus One hold its own against one of the most popular smartphones available? Check out this app opening speed test of the Oneplus One vs the iPhone 6.

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40 Comments on Oneplus One vs iPhone 6 Speed Test

  1. If OnePlus one runs IOS it will never lag.

    If iPhone 6 runs Android, it will lag.

    It is because the iOS is so simple.. while Android is a complex os with freedom of customizabilty.

  2. Thnx alot but you cant do a comparison Between i device and and android device Because ios is faster than Android its not same program You got it? but That Not Mean That IOS is Best Then Android …The Android Devices is the Best Because its Do mor Services for us and You can Hack Faster And Easyer On android :)

  3. XD on the facebook test, oneplus one obviously won. It was also unfair that the OnePlus One had so many apps running and so many notifications, while the iPhone was living the no background apps good life. Talk about an unfair bias against android.

  4. Imagine one plus one running iOS and iPhone running android 5.0. One plus one would be the best iOS device in the world while iPhone would be the worst device running android.

    Keep in mind that before you guys buy an iPhone 6 or 6 plus which has no difference.

  5. Let us remember that since the 1+1 had to be rebooted, the apps had to be reloaded from scratch, but the iPhone wasn't , so the processes are running on background. Even though he closed the apps at the beginning, but not the process on the CPU scheduler

  6. Hey Dave can you tell us how to hack hay day and other online games because I tried everything game killer , freedom and game guardian . Need a video with links on that

  7. Hey Dave,
    I always liked you videos, but now they seem the be rushed in the production and seem to repeat on the same topic (ex: phone speed tests) you need to do some more tech topics instead of phones all the time. Because you can only go so far with the phones tutorials and I think you reached the end of this topic. I like your way of video presentation and think it should be applied to other tech topics.

  8. Just to clarify, the Oneplus One was rebooted before running this test, but the iPhone 6 was not. I did so because the AnTuTu benchmark wasn't working on the 1+1 and  I thought that perhaps a reboot could fix it (it didn't, something wrong with the update, but I digress).  This is meant to be a real world performance, and realistically, there will be apps such as snapchat, hangouts, etc running on the device. Bottom Line, both devices are fast.

    Also, keep in mind that app opening speed test have little to do with the clock speed of the device. It's all about the NAND read performance. While the Oneplus One does have very good performance (Better than most android devices), the iPhone 6 NAND performance is still faster.

  9. when you do this kind of tests please reboot both devices before. I know that iPhone is faster anyway but by notifications you can see that oneplus has so much crap running in background. personally I still prefer oneplus one because it's a great phone and most importantly an android. 

  10. Confused seeing that the OnePlus One is slower than my Nexus 5. I payed like 400 something USD for it (I live in Norway, and the prices are generally much higher here. Often about 25%).

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