OnePlus One Top 10 Special Features Tips & Tricks

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OnePlus One runs on Cyanogenmod 11S which is a special version of Android for 1+1 and I share my top 10 special / unique features found on the OnePlus One that really enhances the experience of using the OnePlus One android smartphone.

OnePlus One is sold in India online via Amazon India and via flipkart

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44 Comments on OnePlus One Top 10 Special Features Tips & Tricks

  1. TELL THE TRUTH….. over heating  behind camera section when playing a  game,,,and it does HEAT UP TO THE POINT WERE IT BECOMES UNCOMFORTABLE AND DANGEROUS

  2. As battery was draining fast, reading some tutorials, I changed some Privacy Guard setting
    Coz of that or otherwise, I m facing 2 issues
    1- Phone getting rebooted automatically some time
    2- Hotspot/tethering is geeting ON, but laptops/devices not able to identify  it

  3. @geekyranjit: Dude, do you mind letting us know what is the app/software/personalisation you are using to get the "locking screen" animation..? It's similar to the one on Nexus 5. Kindly, do let us know.

  4. When I first got my one plus one, there was a lock screen which was a colour that covered like half the screen and you swiped it down to unlock the phone, but now, its either pass word/pattern or the slide to an app thing and those are good but I prefer the older one! I'm not sure if it was removed in an update or something but can someone tell me if I can still get it??

  5. Hi, I have been using the OPO, but I have not been able to switch to 3G and when ever  I tap the tile for connection or slide the switch to ON position in settings, it simply latches on to edge and rarely it shows H icon. What could be done to solve it and get instant 3G connection.

  6. +Ranjit Kumar Can u plz explain the current situation between oneplus and cyanogen….will the indian devices get any future updates from cyanogen, if not what kind of support can i expect from oneplus to the indian varient of the oneplus one device??

  7. SIr i am your big fan can you pls tell me hows the call quality of oneplus one pls sir i have invite and i want to buy it you can compare call quality with which device and if its bad call quality then which device under 25 k i want excellent call quality because i make a lot of calls

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