OnePlus 3 (w/ RAM Fix) vs Galaxy S7 Edge Speedtest Comparison!

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For the second time lets pit the OnePlus 3 /w the RAM Fix against the Galaxy S7 Edge from Samsung to see if it can do any better than last time…

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44 Comments on OnePlus 3 (w/ RAM Fix) vs Galaxy S7 Edge Speedtest Comparison!

  1. Can you do a video on the effects on battery life after the RAM tweak , as compared to what it was earlier ?

    I would any day prefer better battery life than loads of RAM ( just to keep 10-20 apps running).

  2. Tried the same speed test on my phone, Galaxy Note 3, snapdragon variant. Very pleased with the results, held all the apps in memory in the second round. Running cm12.1 by the way.

    I have started respecting my phone more. Lol.

  3. Oxygen OS 3.1.4 (ha, pi!), will bring an sRGB mode and will change how RAM is managed.
    Check sRGB
    The sRGB option will live in the Developer options.

  4. What is the use of doing speed test of these top notch smartphones…. Samsung s7 Edge is better than Oneplus 3 ……. Lg G5 is better than oneplus 3 ……
    Oneplus 3 is good but it will definitely have an issue after using more than an year…. I'm using nexus 6p anywayz…….

  5. Really? Why your hand is too fast on OP3. Do this test with same speed, and under water, for a good effect. In second lap, you start an app on Samsung, and after 1-2 sec, you think "Hmm, will I pres Home button and will I continue the test?". On OP3 your hand moves like Eminem's mouth

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