OnePlus 3 VS Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Speed Test! (4K)

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Speed test Analysis between New OnePlus 3 & S7 Edge!

OPO3 now available here – US – UK-

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38 Comments on OnePlus 3 VS Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Speed Test! (4K)

  1. i am so tired of samsung lol. they all eventually become lemons and start becoming glitchy and such. also major battery drain for US carrier versions. i am really willing to buy a oneplus 3 but i am poor lol

  2. these so called high end phones are just for their names but the low ends are just as capable as they are. very soon these guys will start losing the market because I am not going to be stupid the next time to buy a phone that the price is twice the price of another phone of the same quality. the Oneplus and Huawei will make these guys swallow their pride. and I mean very soon.

  3. for all those people saying that this isnt a fair test, it is indeed fair because the oneplus has a bug that can be fixed through build prop until an official software update squashes it, thus it would be unfair to conclude with the bug still persistent hence the use of the fix. keep in mind the s7 on only the way it is today because of multiple software updates squashing bugs and improving its performance and resource management. the oneplus has not even been out for a week so calm down this is the most fair test available on YouTube. Performance can only improve from this point while the s7s has plateaued.

  4. You have to root the Op3 to fix it's management problems?
    Ridiculous. Samsung has great battery life aswell even with a higher res display and still can do proper RAM management. The 6GB RAM on the Op3 are just a gimmick in its current form, unless Oneplus fixes it themself without needing to root it first.

  5. They seem similar with battery. S7 Edge – 42% – 37% OP3 – 76% – 71% But I'm anyway gonna give it to OP3 since it has 3000mah battery compared to 3600

  6. That's exactly my point! Oneplus is for modders and those who know about their phone. Don't know about rooting and modding? Pay a bit extra and get a Galaxy S7. It is the best phone of 2016 after all. Oneplus, at the end of the day is for us, poor students who know a bit or two about modifying things. :')

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