OnePlus 3 vs iPhone 6S Speedtest Comparison!

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In this video we pit the newly launched OnePlus 3 against the Apple iPhone 6s to see which performs better under day to day usage scenarios… opening apps, games, managing memory, and so on…

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26 Comments on OnePlus 3 vs iPhone 6S Speedtest Comparison!

  1. You have no Idea how those things work, do you? It is clear, that the OnePlus is slower, because the OS is much bigger, and it is loading more things at the same time while the shitty iPh*ne is only loading the basical things. The Camera is also better, so it is taking more time to open it. Everybody who does unterstand technic and Mobile Phones can clearly see, that the OnePlus 3 is way more better than that crap, that apple is producing. Also is that crap of an iPh*ne way more expensive. That shit costs more than my PC, and my PC can handle Witcher 3 pretty well. Sent from my OnePlus One, Motherfuckers!

  2. what the fuck comparison was that ? test same apps ? so what ? most of the apps are built natively with respective to their os. i.e with native code. even boot time for same app on different platform may vary. for example if facebook app is working wonders on ios , it sucks big time on android in all aspects. Testing with hybrid cross platform apps would be fair.

    Not a fair comparison at all

  3. It's like testing iOS vs Android. 🙂 Only the stupid android users are falling for how many gigs ram, how many cores the CPU has on the device. Every android user should know that iOS is BETTER than the crappy Android.
    I'm expecting the next battle some crappy android device with 16GB RAM vs iPhone 6S :)

  4. this might be true for now, but most iPhones and iPads become unusable once they've had several iOS updates. Apple needs to stop certain versions reaching certain hardware.
    I used to work with a guy whose 3s was lightning fast because he never updated and yet we all had average/poor performance on our 4s due to new versions.

  5. The Reason the OnePlus 3 is the slowest one is simple. GOOGLE. – Get a non Google OS and try again.

    Using Hydrogen OS on my OnePlus 2, almost no google apps at all, and is much faster than Oxygen..

  6. if you realy think, that your life is going to change because of some seconds, no matter which one is faster. if you spend your time with multitasking…. so useless, why would you do that? phones should be for calling,sms,mms,making some photos, but pls dont live ur life with it. my Lenovo P1m cost me 200euros, and i dont care if sometimes lagging or frozen,battery lives for 5-6 days, but i am using my phone and not the other way. today people are used and things have higher values. so bad…

  7. absolute shit….comparing Android with iPhone ? Due these two has a way different architecture altogether…..apps are differently designed….Grow up !!

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