OnePlus 3 vs Huawei P9 4GB RAM – Speed Test Comparison Review!

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Another speed test for the OnePlus 3, this time its going up against the Huawei P9 with 4GB of RAM variant. Enjoy!

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39 Comments on OnePlus 3 vs Huawei P9 4GB RAM – Speed Test Comparison Review!

  1. Hi, did you fix the ram management on oneplus 3 (rooted) in this video, and can you tell me please if there are negative sides to it like battery performance, thanks my friend.

  2. We don't mind thicker phone but need heavy duty battery life and louder speaker and optical zoom facility in camera for sharper pics

  3. I think that the Huawei may perform a little bit better if u lowered the resolution down to 720p. I don't know if you have done that already or not.

    I still hate the snapdragon chips. if that one+ 3 has different chip, I'm sure it will perform better and it will not heats up, therefore it will consume less battery.

  4. I understand that you wanted to compare two smartphones with a similar price, but what about the hardware specifications was no better compare One plus 3 VS P9 Plus? However good, greetings from 'Italy: D

  5. Hi can you tell me how does the OnePlus 3 handle direct sunlight comparing with other smartphones? Or make a video about it? Many people and reviewers say that the screen is not bright enough in those circumstances.

    Thank you

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