OnePlus 3 vs Galaxy S7 Camera Test – Side by Side Comparison

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The camera is one of the most used apps of any smart phone. Taking pictures of your lunch, snapping your life story… its important to know what the quality is like before making a phone purchase. Come watch as I compare the video quality between the New OnePlus 3 smartphone, and the flagship Galaxy S7 Edge from Samsung. Will the flagship killer actually beat the Flagship? Make sure to vote in the video poll and tell me what you think looks best in the comments!!

I test the higest resolution 4k, along with 1080p, different kinds of stabilization like the EIS and OIS, as well as slow motion. The front facing camera makes an appearance as well.

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37 Comments on OnePlus 3 vs Galaxy S7 Camera Test – Side by Side Comparison

  1. One plus renders better colors under low light but its OIS sucks. Whereas s7 knocks it off the park under normal light and medium color render under low light and an impressive physical OIS.

  2. The focus breathing on the OnePlus 3 is really bad a times. Especially during the blue sky test. 🙁 Hopefully they'll fix that in a software update (although I know you can hold your finger down on the screen to lock focus).

  3. Oneplus 3 : OIS is inferior
    s7 : front camera is higher res but colors are not as good as opo3

    s7s camera is more reliable opo 3 has a little trobule focusing and thats probably due to the no laser focusing. Cant really tell the diffrence when comparing the quality of both phones back camera.
    1440p ips monitor

  4. Oneplus should have that extreme noise reduction as an option not locked on.
    Some odd movements with the optical IS too, like with the shot at 1:35. The S7 is fine but the OP3 is freaking out a bit.

  5. I can't really tell. In some shots I liked the s7 better. on others the OP3.
    They both have excellent cameras. It looked like the autofocus worked very differently on the 2 phones. There are some shots that are out of focus on the s7 , and in other clips it seems that the op3 is out of focus….

    Overall I guess I would pick the OP3 for accurate color reproduction , more realistic/natural shadows, and for better dynamic range ( although it is a close call)

  6. Surprised to see OP3 beat S7E at front-facing camera – much better picture!
    In everything else, OP3 is various degrees of worse, cannot compare to 240FPS slow-mo, or OIS (+EIS).
    But there you have it, half the price and almost as good as! (IMHO)
    BTW, you have impressively good videos (and ideas)! Love it — you got a new subscriber!!

  7. Actually I don't see actual big differences between cameras in general… But there the stabilization for the OnePlus 3 is really bad. But is it worth 400$ dollars? You can have a real camera for 400$. So no, it isn't worth 400$. And the sound on the OnePlus 3 is way better. At least the background noise is way better handled by the OnePlus 3.

  8. The Oneplus Three really is a flagship killer well sort of this year.
    I own one and it really is a valid replacement for my OPO.
    For this comparison i believe that the OP3 does better at color reproduction but lacks proper OIS and slow-mo.
    While the S7 does better quality and has better stabilization as well as better slow-mo.
    Both cameras fare better in good lightings as well as have better saturation (felt that the OP3 does more saturation and contrast) while the S7 gives more details.
    i also felt that S7 is superior in full auto/
    The OP3 does has focus hunting but is fast.
    The S7 does has better quality but lacks details.
    So in my opinion both win at the end of the day.
    Please dont hate me..!!

  9. The 4k Video is for me pretty much the same. But the S7 has the better OIS. Also the Microphone is better on the S7. The Frontfacing camera is better on the 1+3. Its more colofull and not so washed out.

  10. On a given ration of 50:50 S7:O3 …. My Score will be 42:31… Though the front facing camera of O3 is better than S7 however the image stabilization and pixel cleanliness takes it over for S7… One thing must be understood that O3 camera Slow MO is better than S7 and while zooming in O3 has a good balanced saturation and image stabilization .
    On the other hand if we are playing the price card then the ratio is 42:37 …

  11. Galaxy s7 hands down, sharpness and color are overall alot better. If you go back to the pond, the galaxy s7 shows the blue in the water, whilst the one plus does not, also the image stabilization is alot better. However, the one plus 3 did work alot better in low light, showing whats in the shadows alot better than the galaxy s7. But, you are still getting a better bang for your buck with the one plus 3.

  12. The microphone on the OnePlus 3 is more focused, so to say. The S7's picks up way more sound – not something you want when you wanna talk to the camera while taking a walk near a river, you know. But this should be adjustable on the OnePlus 3.

    Why don't we have that yet? Adjustable microphone sensitivity… Ugh!

    Camera quality wise… I'd say the OnePlus 3's front facing camera does a better job when it comes to contrast. It's 1080p (not 2k), but the image quality is better.

    The back camera on the S7 is a biiit better though.

    But still, for a $400 phone, the OnePlus 3 wipes the floor with the S7 in the camera department.

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