OnePlus 3 New Look, Design And Pricing Leaked!

OnePlus 3 New Look, Design And Pricing Leaked!

Coming this month OnePlus is going to bring some serious specifications to kill off the flagship smartphones right now. OnePlus 3 is the new Smartphone from OnePlus for the current year and it is already about to take the crown from none other than one of its own, last year’s OnePlus 2. The hype is fueled by the OnePlus 3 teases and leaks by many Chinese websites as well.

To be very precise, it’s expected that the flagship smartphones nowadays have various RAM features and multiple variants of colors & camera specifications. Whereas, OnePlus 3 will also be available without invitation just like the OnePlus 2 smartphone models. This Chinese company has set to reveal the design this month, most probably with the expected 4GB or 6GB of RAM and Snapdragon 820 Processor with lower aperture camera lens. The design speculated on the rumor mill is that of a mixture of the iPhone 6 or the HTC M10 design. The camera hole might look like the HTC smartphones.


  • If we talk about pricing, the OnePlus 3’s base variant [32GB Storage] will start at a similar price as Xiaomi Mi5’s high-end version ($363)
  • The second variant probably with 64GB will compete with the Le Max 2 model for ($386)
  • The High-end version of OnePlus 3 with 128 GB Storage will be the costliest one going for ($409)

While we might be looking for a better RAM and Processor build Smartphone for this year’s OnePlus 3 version. It is additionally estimated that OnePlus will dispatch OnePlus 3 with a 6GB RAM Version and currently we don’t have any insights about it nor about its estimating, yet you can acknowledge the cost to move up to $500. Which is actually pretty less than most 6GB based smartphones nowadays.


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