OnePlus 2 vs iPhone 6S Plus Speed Test ($320 vs $750)

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The Oneplus 2 has the features of a flagship with half the price of that. iPhone 6s Plus is the best phone made by apple till date which is very powerful. So how do they compare in terms of speed, is the extra price of iPhone 6s justifiable?

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48 Comments on OnePlus 2 vs iPhone 6S Plus Speed Test ($320 vs $750)

  1. i really like the delay in the OnePlus 2 fingerprint sensor it mean that your not going to unlock your phone when all you want to do is see your lock screen :)

  2. You fucking apple fanboy the one plus is faster you just press it earlier on the iPhone go fuck yourself you are working for apple you are pleasing apple and this is not how you do a speed test i wanna smack you so hard on your fucking fat forehead till you bleed out of your ass go dig up steve jobs grave and suck his dick if it is stil there you can just go fuck yourself !!!'

  3. The games are difficult to compare, since all games on ios are specifically optimized to run on the iphone. On android they're not optimized for the op2 at all, just for android itself. So naturally the iphone is gonna be faster. The op2 even has better specs if you compare the parts. It's all about optimisation.

  4. Who even cares about if a phone can open apps faster or not. The iPhone is a better phone compared to the Oneplus 2. Yes, it's better. People will not accept it. The iPhone is more expensive but that's what you pay for the brand. If you don't feel it's worth it, then it's not your thing. A lot of people do like iOS cause they're just simple people. They're happy with what it can do. They don't complain. It's a phone and it just works. You shouldn't even compare iOS and Android. They're completely different Eco systems. They cater to different groups of people. Everyone has their own likes and wants. But comparing iOS to Android for a speed test to open apps isn't the way to go about it. Try the note 5 or an S6 edge or the sony Z5

  5. The true is that OxygenOS is kinda buggy and needs to be optimized properly for the OP2. At least the latest version 2.1.2 makes the phone a bit better, but if you try some custom ROMs you could see a truly beast in performance; for example unofficial Cyanogenmod ports, even without fingerprint sensor and laser focus support the CM 12.1 ROMs out there perform great. HydrogenOS is a good option too, kinda weird to use at the beginning but you get used to it.
    Also, OnePlus made unlocking bootloader legal so you can try ROMs or simply root and play with the phone even more. You can even do downgrades if you want.

    Btw, you can't do any of that on an iPhone.

  6. one plus phones hv d privilege factor of invitation ..unlike any phone which can b bought like vegetables.. that in itself is major factor of exclusivity…. its still in few hands …

  7. a lot of these tests are not hardware specific, you are not comparing apples to apples here so it's a bit pointless tbh. this should have been 1+2 vs S6 or something like that

  8. This video is so horribly executed. Apps are never launched at the same time, random parts of the footage is slowed down and some apps aren't even logged into anything while the other phone is? Not to mention it looks like the camera lens was very dirty when filming the OP2's video because everything looks washed out and out of focus, even the background. Just a terrible execution of a good idea. PS: the intro music made me want to kill myself.

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