One Year Later: Why I’m Actually Enjoying the Z Ultra

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Due to some bugs and other issues, Taylor wasn’t very fond of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra when we reviewed it. So why, after a whole year, did he buy one as a personal device? Watch this video to find out!


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35 Comments on One Year Later: Why I’m Actually Enjoying the Z Ultra

  1. hello taylor sir..i love your videos..i need some help from u..which case did you use for zu..that red flip case..? and which all games you played in this video …plz reply

  2. I have this phone for a year now, it still serves me well, after upgrading it to Lollipop 5, the battery drained a bit faster but still managing, love the fact that it still in my male handbag most of the time (yes, I'm a teacher, so many things in my man bag, it includes markers, power bank, pen-drives etc)

    As a teacher, I would use Z Ultra to teach, the net is fast and reliable, the resolution of the notes and pictures are wonderful and bright too, I can get wireless printer services, the audio jack is wonderful, so, I managed to use this device to its fully potential, using ZU really made my life simpler due to apps that I used were handled nicely (graphic wise, prosecuting apps)

    I know the cameras are not that great like z2, z3 or any other supplier, but, it took good pictures too. Definitely not a phone for those night crawlers, but why take pictures in the dark (so amateur, buy a dslr then). YES, the phone is bulky but it does not easily flushed into the toilet you see. I accidentally dropped to the shit hole but you know what, it  got stuck (pardon my English) and does not get in. Imagine if you have 4-5 inch hp, I guess you will buy a new one now.

    Now is 2015, I think this phone can last around good 3 more years. I am sure that by then, better snapdragons will be introduced and would gladly change, but not for now. I love my ZU, please pardon my English, thank you.

  3. If U are reading this WARNING for U, never buy this,
    I live the size of the phone BUT Software and Hardware Utterly useless 
    Software crash, Bluetooth doesn't connect, Back camera stopped working, Front camera stopped week after, 
    Finally screen broke when it was at my BACK POCKET, and touch screen doesn't works.
    Piece of Brick, Not impressed   
    There are 1000 not to buy this

  4. Im into youtubing and playing games, not talking so this phone seems great. But one major concern. Can i use this with the at&t network? And r there more than one version of it? I see ..C6833, C6805. Some say LTE capable. Some dont. Need some help please. Thanks .

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