Olli the autopilot Shuttle is coming to the roads of Washington D.C.

Olli the autopilot Shuttle is coming to the roads of Washington D.C.

Driverless cars will be everywhere in the near future, however, few of us have really ever been able to experience one. Breaking all the notion and rumors Local Motors has finally released the autopilot shuttle on the roads of Washington D.C . This is the first 3D printed car with 12 seating facility for the purposes of public travel, according to Business Insider.

Furthermore, IBM’s artificial intelligence Watson controls Olli the autopilot shuttle through which you can get information by talking to the driverless car, like if you ask this autopilot about the weather condition then this intelligent vehicle will update you giving the correct weather information.


One thing is that compared with other local vehicles Olli moves like a tortoise at 12 miles per hour as its highest speed and has a 32 miles range limit. It also helps itself to navigate utilizing Lidar, GPS, and external cameras.

Now, if you wish to have a ride on this autopilot on the public streets of Washington D.C. then you may have to find out someone from Local Motor’s new National Harbor facility in Maryland who can do you a favor by making an advance booking to fulfill your desire.


By the way, you do not need to pay anything to ride this bus, you need only be patient for the slow ride on the autopilot.

However, if the Local Motors mission becomes successful with this driverless car then in the future we may see more Ollis on the streets of America, or even abroad.


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