Offline Hacking: Remember that your personal data is always at risk

Offline Hacking: Remember that your personal data is always at risk

Statistically, the probability of losing personal information is greater now compared to the primitive days when people first came to find out more about the internet.

Gradually, the internet usage rate accelerated, hence influencing more users to give away their personal data more frequently than ever, which are sought by various businesses online for data mining purpose.

Read through this article to find out all the likely ways  we are compromising our personal information to avoid them at all costs.

Who’s peeking over your shoulder?

Public transport commuters these days are frequently scrolling down in their cell phones while surfing on social media on their way to work. But very few of them realize that there are risks involved if anyone else decides to stare at the screen at the wrong time.


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This intense involvement with social media causes enough distraction to make us entirely impassive to our surrounding; not caring to find out who else is aware of our “react” to posts.

That’s why checking over our respective shoulders is a safe practice we must start practicing to protect our personal information. (Make sure you’re not constantly glancing sideways that may look queer).

Big Daddy is watching

CCTV cameras are also reliable tools for hackers through which they can find out anyone’s passcode to ATM while inputting the code.

In the meantime, the camera can easily zoom in to catch a better view of the passcode from my mobile phone screen while I was figuring it out. This is why I loved playing Watch Dogs!

The CCTVs can sometimes zoom in to recover the secret passcode and exploit it for gaining unauthorized access to our personal data


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The Wi-Fi Whisperer

Did you know that your personal tech devices are constantly radiating data (information) without your approval? Furthermore, these “people with ill intentions” can attach a sniffer to an ordinary Wi-Fi router for illegally collecting the leaked data discharged from personal tech devices


Check out the Moogfest seminar held in Durham where musicians showed their marvelous musical talent and skill to show how a Wi-Fi Whisperer is able to capture personal information.
Therefore, the Wi-Fi button must remain turned off for preventing these leaked data captured by any Wifi sniffer.

Social media giants like Facebook and Snapchat highly prioritize our personal data and they are always prepared to go. Stay with TTN and find out more information about offline hacking for better security.


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