Official Xperia XA launch video at MWC 2016 – Meet the stunning 5” smartphone from Sony

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Introducing the official preview video for Xperia XA: The stunning 5” curved smartphone with super-fast camera and 2-day battery life* – designed to go hand in hand with however you live your life.
Bringing together a stunning full-width display and a smooth, curved form, Xperia XA has a completely new look and feel that’s as pleasing on the eye as it is in the hand. But we know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which is why it comes in four striking colours for you to choose from.
Life is full of fleeting moments, and with a fast-launch camera button that gets you up and running in 0.5s, you can rest assured you’ll get the shots that best reflect your memories. The 0.25s Hybrid Autofocus also helps you capture the action in bright, blur-free shots.
Because it has highly-responsive sensors on both the front and back cameras, it’s the…

27 Comments on Official Xperia XA launch video at MWC 2016 – Meet the stunning 5” smartphone from Sony

  1. sony shoudve continue with the z series. those phones really made a big defference from the previous xperias, (except for the play, i think it was brilliant).
    these new phones are almost pointless. nothing really new.
    being a sony fan, it really bugs me that other companies are always ahead. for a while, all sony had to offer was the waterproofing (for several models), but the others always catch up. now they are doing it too, and add extra specs to their models. i personally loved the ir blaster. that was super handy. the zl was the only one that got it (at least outside of japan).
    i never cared about how thin or heavy the phone was, just cared about what it can do!!!
    now, how about a new xperia play with high end specs? it doesnt seem like a ps portable would be coming out anytime soon. it coudnt hurt u that much, right sony?

  2. releasing date: 10 june
    Xperia X (Black) – £549.99
    Xperia X (Rose Gold) – £549.99

    Xperia XA (Black) – £279.99
    Xperia XA (Lime Gold) – £279.99
    Xperia XA (White) – £279.99

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