Official Xperia X Performance video at MWC 2016– our powerfully fast, curved smartphone from Sony

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Introducing the official preview video for Xperia X Performance: the super-fast curved smartphone which enriches every experience with predictive auto-focus, quicker launch and incredible power.
With quicker response times, more intelligent focus and a new highly adaptive shutter speed, the new Xperia X Performance gets you clearer shots in the toughest situations. And as we’ve taken specs other smartphones have in their main camera and placed them upfront, you can now take super selfies at the first time, every time.
While our classic form is as striking in its simplicity as ever, the curved display and edges make for an even more comfortable grip. From swiping through your favourite hi-res audio tracks, to playing for hours with PS4™ Remote Play – it makes everything you do feel so much more intuitive.

41 Comments on Official Xperia X Performance video at MWC 2016– our powerfully fast, curved smartphone from Sony

  1. This phone is mediocre. It can't compete with S7 HTC10 or cheap chinese phones. Please put your max into it and make a stunning flagship phone. I'm a Sony fanboy just in case you want to know…

  2. If Sony would not do a 5'2 inch screen, QHD resolution, USB Type-C, water resistant and as slim as the Z3+ on their next flagship then Im switching to Samsung's next flagship.

  3. XA looks new, fresh and fantastic while XP reminds me of old Zs. Sony mobile should go for XA look if they start up a new beginning. The design of XA is appealing

  4. μου κάνει εντύπωση που 1 δεν αναφέρεται για να γνωρίζουν πως η αδιαβροχοποιηση είναι με δική μας ευθύνη από τότε που βγήκε το z5 και 2 που δεν έχετε βίντεο να το βυθίζεται όπως στο z1

  5. main disadvantges:
    1. no OIS while Samsung S7 & LG G5 have it
    2. still 3GB RAM while Samsung S7 & LG G5 already 4GB in RAM
    3. still FHD screen display while Samsung S7 & LG G5 already QHD in screen display
    4. removed 4K video recording from Z5 line up. Samsung S7 & LG G5 added 4K video recording to their latest flagship while Sony just remove it?

    I'm not a Samsung fan or LG fan. i just want to make sure it is worth buying in term of the fone specs & Sony just too disappointing in term of SPECS for its latest flagship.

  6. I was supposed to buy the S7 Edge but then my friend told me about the Xperia X. I hope battery life will be superior, and please don't forget about the expandable storage as well the water-resistant feature.

  7. Hahahahahaha good luck finding customers who are willing to pay for it…

    Have you seen ZTE Axon 7? It beats Xperia X Performance in EVERYTHING and will cost much less. It even has amazing stereo speakers and dedicated audio processor.

    It's an incredible embarrassment being beat to a pulp in audio…. A company that released Walkman…

    64gb internal
    4GB RAM
    Snapdragon 820
    Dolby Atmos
    20mpx with OIS
    USB C
    Quickcharge 3.0
    3140mha battery

    And all that for… Less than $500…

    Good luck with peddling Xperia X Performance when even lousy X with mediatek is priced at $650 in UK…

  8. If the next sony flagship were to have: Latest Snapdragon, 4/5 GB of RAM, up to 64 GB of internal storage, smaller bezels; An octa-core processor, 3500 mAh of battery (incredible if similar to LG G5 being removable), 2K display and IPS68 Waterproofing with Corning Gorilla glass the flagship would destroy the competitors and would rise as it should. Sony can produce outstanding flagships. They just need to step it up like the rest of the companies.
    P.S The glass finish feels more premium( at least for me )

  9. that was a really bad move from Sony… this phone is kind of middle range phone rather than a high tech flagship… Z5 premium is better in every aspect excluding front camera :(( totally disappointed

  10. I have a Z2, truly a good phone…. the x performance is not going to be on sale in the UK or even most of Europe. A crazy move by Sony. If it ever comes up for sale here, it'll be too late to be competitive.

  11. X Performance is good but NOT THAT good enough to compete against S7, G5 or HTC10. The successor to XP has to come with a lighter body, totally new design (XA looks cool !!), QHD, 4GB of RAM, USB Type-C and improved camera. Good luck !!

  12. I've still got my Xperia T! ben 4 years or so, super happy with it but do want an upgrade, not sure which android phone to go for?
    I love sony and wanted to stick to them, but the phones they are releasing and price tags are a bit confusing to me right now!

  13. Please someone explain to me what Sony is doing ? How is it that no screen 4K ? Goodbye glass design , no more resistance to water and dust , I mean , I do not understand if those 3 new devices are mid-range , who already have a Z5 , Z5 premium will not make you case, you'll sell who does not know yet the Xperia line, also will compete with these devices, with which I will make?

  14. X Performance is  €699?? It's approximately 800USD. That's WAY too expensive. No one would buy it. It should be around 600USD. I hope the price will drop drastically, and Sony should learn from HTC10 and re-consider pricing.

  15. Sony ha sido mi marca favorita desde el xperia x8 pero desde el z3 ha quedado en solo una marca mas, los bordes son enormes a comparación de otras marcas y de igual forma tienen ip68, las cámaras serian buenas si no tuvieran tantos megapixeles y se trabajara mas en el sensor seria el teléfono perfecto. Pero solo aumentan los números en las características y no el rendimiento del terminal.

  16. Ooh sony! it seems that x performance is better than z5 p. Expect in display x performance is better than z5p. X performance has better chipset than z5p and camera is also better than z5p. X performance has all qualities that a flagship phone should have. But it is not a flagship device. Snap dragon 820 device should atleast have 2k display
    Even though sony release phones with worlds best camera and high end processor and chipset etc people will not buy
    They just go for samsung
    Ooh come on people try to understand the struggle of sony that always tries to bring best for you.

  17. Why so small? I know there are people that appreciate small phones but there are big phone lovers too!
    Also, what curved glass do you speak of? The slight curve on the edges of the screen? Cz that's pretty old, not really an impressive feature.
    Camera seems very promising though!

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